Vegan Travel Interviews: Which city did you find to be the most vegan-friendly that you have travelled to?

There are so many great vegan travel bloggers out there that we wanted to quickly get to know a few more of them better with another mini interview. We enjoy checking out other vegan travel bloggers to see what they're up to. Whether you're a junk food vegan, whole foods vegan gym rat, yearly vacationer or digital nomad it's great that you're sharing your lives with us through your blogs.

You can find some inspiring bloggers out there. Hopefully, by reading these mini-interviews, you find a blogger you'd like to hear more from. Then you can check out their blog to see what fun vegan travel they get up to.

Without further ado, here are the interviews:

Amanda creator of burger abroad slowly wanders the world, have mostly one-way conversations with animals and try to find interesting things to do between meals.

IG: burgerabroad

Why are you travelling?
I travel because it’s fun! I love to explore the world, meet animals, and discover delicious foods.
Why did you become vegan?
I went vegan for the animals. Animals don’t exist to be used and abused by humans, so I went vegan at a young age, and have been vegan for about 25 years.

Which city did you find to be the most vegan-friendly that you have travelled to? and What is your favourite restaurant there?
I find all cities vegan-friendly but the absolute best one in the world is Portland, Oregon, USA. You can find any dish you want vegan. They have tons of vegan cafes, fast foods, restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, and even a vegan mini-mall. It’s simply vegan heaven! 
It’s a challenge to pick a favorite restaurant, especially since I wrote an article listing over 400 of them in the city. However, there are some great folks that own a bunch of chic vegan bars all around town, including one I really love called The Bye and Bye, which serves a fantastic menu of delicious vegan comfort foods and speciality cocktails.

Here’s a vegan Reuben sandwich from The Bye and Bye in Portland, Oregon.

Ashlyn: I'm just a nature & animal loving dread headed Aussie who's addicted to travelling. I've spent a total of 3.5 years travelling, all of that time traveling as a vegan. I just don't like working so I save everything I can to travel. I started my Instagram page Wild Vegan Nomad because I wanted to share and prove how easy it is to be vegan abroad. I'm constantly trying new dishes and flavours I've never had before, travelling vegan is definitely never boring!

IG: wildvegannomad

Why are you travelling?
The main reason I'm travelling is because all these experiences I have continue to open my mind up to different cultures and beliefs. I grew up in a fairly closed minded family so travelling constantly challenges these ideas i was brought up with. Im always learning new things and changing my mind about things. Which is helping to shape me into the most authentic version of myself. 
Why did you become vegan?
Initially I was researching ways to save money for travel and had an idea that i could just cut meat out of some dishes. That got the ball rolling and I ended up watching a tonne of videos about veganism and I made the switch overnight. I deeply loved animals and am an environmentalist so it was a no brainer to switch.

Which city did you find to be the most vegan-friendly that you have travelled to? and What is your favourite restaurant there?
For sure its gotta be Portland, OR. Boring answer, i know. But that place is amazing. I got a tattoo from an all vegan tattoo shop, went to a vegan strip club, vegan bakery and grocery store. They just have everything there. Its heaven. 
Its so hard to pic a favourite restaurant but I'm gonna go with Black Water Bar. The burger I had there was so good i almost cried. They have vegan cocktails (including vegan Bailey's 😍) and a bunch of great starters. Plus its a punk bar so its my kinda scene. 

Sarah and Josh: When two people with hungry bellies and hungry souls crossed paths, united by a big appetite and itchy feet a trip was planned and the adventure began. We both firmly believe that life is far too short to eat bad food and that there are way too many adventures to be had to stay in one place. We wander through life taking it one meal at a time in search of belly filling adventures around the globe. The effect we are having on our planet is not sustainable and we strive to lead a lifestyle which compliments our home rather than hinders it. In our eyes a life free of animal products is the easiest and most productive step to limiting our negative impact on Earth. We know that vegan living doesn’t mean putting adventures on hold or compromising morals but we realise a lot of others don’t. We want to prove that every cuisine could be conquered, mountain climbed and country explored. This is why we put Veggie Vagabonds together, to help others continue their adventure in a more sustainable way.If you’re like us and fed up of ‘budget’ guides for the wealthy travellers, ‘basic’ recipes with 7 types of sugar and 5 types of flour and sustainable lifestyle tips the Dalai Lama would struggle to follow then this is the place for you! Of course there is a time and place for vegan intricacies, however to maintain a long-term ethical lifestyle we believe that sometimes less is more. Here at Veggie Vagabonds you’ll find practical and independent information on sustainable travel, ethical eating and green living no matter where you are in the world. We champion a no-nonsense, practical and accessible guide to inspire you to become veggie vagabonds!

IG: veggievagabonds_

Why are you travelling?
We travel because we love to explore new cultures and cuisines. We believe that life is far too short to eat bad food so we wander sustainably exploring with our taste buds. Being environmentally conscious is  really important to us which is why we travel slow and it's also the best way to encounter new experiences and cultures.  
Why did you become vegan?
We became vegan for many reason but predominantly animal welfare and the environment.

Which city did you find to be the most vegan-friendly that you have travelled to? and What is your favourite restaurant there?
We found Jaffna in Northern Sri Lanka to be the most vegan-friendly city we have travelled to. Being a predominantly vegetarian country most of Sri Lanka is great for vegans but Jaffna particularly so as there is a wide community of Hindu's and Buddhist who are vegetarian. We found that wherever there was a Hindu temple, an abundance of veggie curries wasn't far away. Not only this but the variety of delicious curries available were endless and you would never find two the same. 
Our favourite restaurant in Jaffna was Sri Saiee Bavaan because it was here we had the best curry from our three months travelling Sri Lanka. We stayed in Jaffna for one week and visited nearly everyday and each day we were so impressed with the flavours and variety of dishes on offer. From curry to dosa's, to short eat and kottu roti everything was bursting with spices and aromas. 


Hayden and Aaron Hall: 2 vegans traveling the US in an RV with 5 cats, a dog & a silkie chicken named Brienne of Tarth. We sold everything we own and are on an adventure of a lifetime! We plan to visit every state, every National Park, and eat at as many vegan restaurants as we possibly can. There’s no slowing down for us, once we’ve explored the US, we plan to continue traveling internationally! Visit them at Vegan Voyagers.

IG: veganvoyagers

Why are you travelling?
Ever since we met, we have always talked about traveling together. Currently we have a lot of animals, 5 cats, a dog, and a silkie chicken named Brienne of Tarth, so we can’t just get onto a plane and leave the country for a year. In order to travel and still get to spend time with our fur kids, we live and travel full-time in an RV. We plan to see every state in the US, every national park, and eat at as many vegan restaurants as possible, before we start traveling internationally. We travel because it’s one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in life. We love to see new places, have new experiences, and it doesn’t hurt that we seek out amazing vegan food along the way.   
Why did you become vegan?
Hayden became vegan first because of the health benefits and then STAYED vegan after learning about the cruelty aspect that goes into animal agriculture. She had slowly eliminated meat groups from her diet and ultimately went from a pescatarian to vegan about 8 years ago. After getting a job as a Campaigner for PETA and really diving into every aspect of animal cruelty, there was no way she was going to turn back.

Aaron decided to go vegetarian around his 30th birthday after realizing the connection between animals and the food we put on our plates.  He had become interested in animal rights and recognized that it was hypocritical to fight for one animal but to eat another.  After slowly eliminating meat groups from his diet, switching to almond milk, and cutting out eggs, he struggled with giving up cheese until he went to Taiji, Japan to document the annual dolphin slaughter with Sea Shepherd.  It was there that he saw the full process of going from wild animal to processed meat and immediately made the decision to go fully vegan.

Once you realize the hypocrisy of loving one animal, like your dogs and cats at home, but eating others, like pigs, chickens, and cows, it’s a no-brainer to go vegan! 

Which city did you find to be the most vegan-friendly that you have travelled to? and What is your favourite restaurant there?
There are quite a few vegan-friendly cities that we love and it’s hard to narrow it down to just one! We lived in Portland, Oregon for a year and that city overall is super vegan friendly, but our FAVORITE would have to be Las Vegas. It’s our favorite city in the US and we absolutely love that the Wynn has a vegan menu at each of the restaurants in the hotel. 
The chick’n and waffles at the Terrace Point Cafe are the best thing in the entire world! 


Lauren: Lauren is one half of Justin Plus Lauren and writes all about her worldwide travels. She is a part-time vegan traveller, based in Toronto. Lauren loves urban and outdoor adventures, exploring nature, and eating the best vegan food around the world. She writes about eco-friendly travel and shares tips on responsible wildlife tourism. Lauren lives with her partner, Justin, and their two cats, Chickpea and Peanut.

IG: justinpluslauren

Why are you travelling?
I travel because I have constant wanderlust! After all, travel is the only thing that makes you richer. I want to see as much of the world as possible - the beautiful landscapes, rich cultures, wildlife, interesting history and architecture. I find that my bucket list grows longer and longer the more I travel because I'm always discovering new places to go and I also want to go back to so many destinations.

Why did you become vegan?
I was raised as a vegetarian, and became vegan almost 10 years ago. Initially, I was having difficulties digesting dairy. When I started researching this online, I learned about the abusive treatment of animals in the dairy and egg industries. I had no idea - even as a vegetarian, I thought that I was doing all that I could for the animals! After feeling extremely sad and guilty, I went vegan on the spot. I had no idea what I'd eat to replace those animal products, but I wasn't about to support those industries again.

There are so many reasons to go vegan: it's healthier, it is better for the animals, it is better for the planet and our environment, and the list goes on. There are so many delicious foods that I've discovered since going vegan, and there are new substitutes for meat, dairy, and eggs coming out every day. It's exciting that veganism is growing at such a rapid rate, and it's awesome because I have so many restaurants to try on my travels.

Which city did you find to be the most vegan-friendly that you have travelled to? and What is your favourite restaurant there?
Definitely Berlin! While walking down the street, we saw signs for vegetarian and vegan eats at just about every restaurant, even the non-veggie ones. There were so many vegan restaurants in Berlin that we had to pick and choose which ones to try. I loved Chaostheorie because we tried the most delicious veggie dogs and they also serve up epic desserts.  

At the same time, I have to give a shout out to my home - Toronto! There's such a thriving vegan food scene here, with new restaurants opening every week. We even have an area of town that people have dubbed as "Vegandale" due to the high concentration of vegan shops and restaurants. 

Tal Bright: travel blogger at Bright Nomad, writes destination guides, useful travel planning tips and of course - vegan travel guides. She believes it’s easy to travel as a vegan and there’s no need to compromise, just do some research before you go. Originally from Tel Aviv (a vegan heaven!), she travels the world several months a year as a digital nomad. Check out her Vegan Tel Aviv Twitter account that’s all about vegan travel & lifestyle and her Vegan Travel Tips board on Pinterest.

IG: tal_bright

Why are you travelling?
At some point in my life I decided to spend six months a year travelling. Short vacations just weren’t enough. I wanted to experience slow travel, to really get to know a place before moving on to the next one.

Travel for me is mainly about meeting people and seeing how people live in different countries. That’s an endless fascination. I especially like to connect with fellow vegans anywhere I go, it’s always nice to meet people over a good vegan meal, whether at a restaurant or home-cooked.

Why did you become vegan?
I became vegetarian at the age of 12 and when people asked why, I said “I feel sorry for the animals”. Later on in life, I got to learn more about the cruelty of the various industries and went vegan. It was a very easy transition from vegetarianism for me.

There are many good reasons to go vegan, but I think my answer from when I was 12 years old is at the core of it.

Which city did you find to be the most vegan-friendly that you have travelled to? and What is your favourite restaurant there?
There have been so many places, it’s hard to choose. I’m going to pick a place that may surprise some vegans: Tokyo. There are dozens of vegan (not just vegetarian) restaurants around Tokyo and I had a good meal every day of my trip. 
My favourite was Meunota, a very cute vegan cafe where I had a lovely deli plate for lunch with typical Japanese dishes.

As you can see there is no ONE way to be a vegan travel blogger. Each of these bloggers has quite different styles but they have at least two things in common: they love vegan food and they love to travel.

It was lots of fun putting together these interviews showcasing the different styles of vegans, travellers and bloggers. If you are a vegan traveller and would like to be included in our next mini interviews or star in a post on your own with more elaborate questions on your vegan travel lifestyle like Wendy from The Nomadic Vegan,  please email us at for more details.


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