How to Live on a Budget and Travel More!

Our Guide to Living a Frugal Lifestyle:

Neither of us Wanderlust Vegans has a great paying job. Most of the jobs we've had so far don't pay much more than minimum wage. Since we don't make a lot of money we have turned to being frugal in order to make the most of what we have.

Here are some tips to penny-pinch your way towards saving some extra travel money:

Accommodation: To save money we have had roommates, rented a room and lived with our family. These options are a deal breaker for some people since they value their independence but you can save a lot on accommodation if you live with others.

Clothes: Everyone likes having some decent clothes but you can often find the stuff you like on sale or second hand. Looking for items at the thrift store can be a good way to go. You would be surprised what you can find sometimes. We found some Carhartt work pants for $3 at the thrift store and some never worn steel toe boots for $50 on a buy and sell website. You can get gently worn clothes for a fraction of the price you'd pay for new clothes.

Personal Care: Using a Menstrual cup will save you money on feminine care products. For example, I bought one Diva Cup for $39.99 in 2014, compared to $5.99 per month that I was paying for disposable products. Have shorter showers to save money on your utility bills. Dry your clothes on a clothesline or clothes horse rather than tumble dry. Add water to your almost empty soap to get the rest of the soap out. Cut open your empty toothpaste tubes to get the last little bit out as well. You'd be surprised how much toothpaste is still in there.

Food: Don't eat out so much, make food from scratch, look for sales and buy stuff that is in season. You can't stop eating but you can save a lot of money by controlling your food spending habits. Buying takeout coffee every day adds up fast. Trying making your coffee at home and putting it in a thermos or travel mug.

Entertainment: You ever find yourself paying for cable but then never watching TV because there is nothing on? Cancel your cable. Get Netflix or don't get a streaming service at all. You can also get DVDs second hand. Read books, go to the library, go to the movies on a cheap night, host a party rather than going out to the bar. There are lots of ways you can keep yourselves entertained without breaking the bank.

Transportation: Public transit is always a cheap way to go, you can also get a vehicle second hand. Find the right balance between reliable, fuel efficient and inexpensive. You can choose to walk places or ride your bike in order to save money on fuel. Try to plan your errands to minimize your driving. Say you need to go to a certain part of town, figure out if there is anything else you need from that part of town so you can combine trips.

Charges and Penalties: Pay your bills on time to avoid penalties. Don't go over your limits on your phone plan. Avoid paying interest by paying off your credit card monthly. Create a budget to keep track of your spending and keep your self on track to save. Switch your bank to a bank that doesn't charge a monthly fee.

There you have it! That is our quick guide to living a frugal lifestyle so you can have some extra cash for travel. There are lots of other ways to save so this guide could go on forever but you get the picture. Remember, every little bit counts and in no time you could find yourself with enough money to go on a trip somewhere fun.

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