How NOT to look Suspicious at a border-crossing

Can you believe that these two would look suspicious at the border into the USA?! We didn't think we did but turns out we looked like hippies living in our SUV ready to settle into the USA, or smuggle in drugs. One of the two. He even shaved his face in the Walmart parking lot the night before! You've got to look your best for the border guards.

Here are the mistakes we made while entering the USA
  1. We were living in our SUV which looks abnormal.
  2. We were unemployed which calls into question how we support ourselves on such a long road trip.
  3. Our permanent address was the parents so why don't we have our own place?
  4. We had no real concrete plans for our USA trip other than visiting people and saving time as the drive west through USA is faster than Canada.
  5. We looked like we have been on the road for a couple months, all tan and stuff. This probably didn't help us to not look like suspicious characters.
Anyway, what happened to us? We got held up and they performed a secondary search! They searched our pockets, wallets, purse - held us upstairs while they searched our SUV.  The whole ordeal took about an hour. Once they found nothing, they let us go. fewf!

Our tips for your journey over the border
  1. Be confident and articulate. When you take a lot of pauses and say "um" too often then the authorities will think you are some sort of liar with something to hide, like illegal drugs and or a criminal record.
  2. Clearly explain yourself. Avoid oversimplifying your reasons for entering the United States to the point of sounding cryptic. Also, don't ramble.
  3. Don't Be Nervous. You don't have anything to hide. Unless you do. do you? 
  4. Don't have anything to hide. This makes going through the border a lot easier and hopefully helps you not look suspicious. In our case, it didn't work. 
Whether you follow these tips or not you may nevertheless appear to be a potential drug mule and be subject to a secondary search. Don't worry about it, dude. You'll be out of there in no time, plus in the meantime, you can laugh inside your head about how much the authorities are barking up the wrong tree.


  1. Another hint would be to not wear sunglasses when crossing the border. Officers want to see your eyes when they ask questions to determine if you are being evasive or dodgy.
    Answer questions directly and do not attempt humor or extrapolate beyond the short answer.

    1. Yes, do not wear sunglasses. FYI, we posted a picture of us wearing sunglasses above butwe were not wearing them when we went through border control. I think they make people take off any sunglasses or hats.


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