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How to Live on a Budget and Travel More!

Our Guide to Living a Frugal Lifestyle:

Neither of us Wanderlust Vegans has a great paying job. Most of the jobs we've had so far don't pay much more than minimum wage. Since we don't make a lot of money we have turned to being frugal in order to make the most of what we have.

Here are some tips to penny-pinch your way towards saving some extra travel money:

Accommodation: To save money we have had roommates, rented a room and lived with our family. These options are a deal breaker for some people since they value their independence but you can save a lot on accommodation if you live with others.

Clothes: Everyone likes having some decent clothes but you can often find the stuff you like on sale or second hand. Looking for items at the thrift store can be a good way to go. You would be surprised what you can find sometimes. We found some Carhartt work pants for $3 at the thrift store and some never worn steel toe boots for $50 on a buy and sell website. You can get gently wo…

Vegan Travel Interviews: Which city did you find to be the most vegan-friendly that you have travelled to?

There are so many great vegan travel bloggers out there that we wanted to quickly get to know a few more of them better with another mini interview. We enjoy checking out other vegan travel bloggers to see what they're up to. Whether you're a junk food vegan, whole foods vegan gym rat, yearly vacationer or digital nomad it's great that you're sharing your lives with us through your blogs.

What we Would've CHANGED About our 2 Month Road Trip

Now that we're back from our road trip and had lots of time to reflect on how well it went, we are able to pick apart what we did and what we might have changed. Originally we set out on a three-month road trip. As we went it turned into a 2-month road trip as we were starting to get a little exhausted. It's is hard to decide what we would have changed because we did enjoy the budget way we travelled and also the spontaneity of driving without having concrete plans. We are very happy with the outcome of our trip but these are the things we would have changed that would have possibly made things go a bit smoother.

We wanted to buy a van and set it up like a mini camper. We ended up getting our GMC for free, so we can't really complain. We set up two single half-inflated air mattresses in the back every night. It was a very annoying setup, as we had no space to store our stuff. We would have to move it to the front seat every evening and then move it all back in t…

Vegan Guide to Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is a big city in Minnesota right next to St Paul. The two are referred to as the Twin Cities. Minneapolis is known for a few musical artists such as Prince, The Replacements, Hüsker Dü and others. It has also recently hosted the Superbowl. It's a city with lots of different things happening and has a number of places that will interest vegans.

How NOT to look Suspicious at a border-crossing

Can you believe that these two would look suspicious at the border into the USA?! We didn't think we did but turns out we looked like hippies living in our SUV ready to settle into the USA, or smuggle in drugs. One of the two. He even shaved his face in the Walmart parking lot the night before! You've got to look your best for the border guards.

Here are the mistakes we made while entering the USA
We were living in our SUV which looks abnormal.We were unemployed which calls into question how we support ourselves on such a long road trip.Our permanent address was the parents so why don't we have our own place?We had no real concrete plans for our USA trip other than visiting people and saving time as the drive west through USA is faster than Canada.We looked like we have been on the road for a couple months, all tan and stuff. This probably didn't help us to not look like suspicious characters. Anyway, what happened to us? We got held up and they performed a secondary se…