The Best and Worst that Canada has to Offer

While we were on our road trip across Canada, for Canada's 150th birthday, it was hard not to compare each province to one another. Canada is a massive country and we noticed a lot of differences between all the places we ended up visiting. While driving we discussed all of the differences in each region and thought of a best and worst list for our experience on a cross Canada road trip.


Campsites: British Columbia. We found that BC had not only the cheapest campsites but the best overall campsites. The scenery in BC is hard to beat with the mountains and lakes. We were also very impressed with the condition of the campsites we visited and that is why we think BC has the best overall campsites.

Rest Stops: Quebec rest stops had clean fully functioning washrooms, vending machines and a picnic area in nature. It was such a peaceful place, you forgot that you were at a highway rest stop. There were even trails to walk along the St Lawrence river. Strangely enough, you were not allowed to drink from the drinking fountains. Aside from the undrinkable tap water, Quebec has the best highway rest areas.

Wild Life: Saskatchewan. It is hard to pick the best place for seeing wildlife in Canada as there is lots of wildlife to see all across Canada. We have to pick Saskatchewan because this is the only province that we saw Moose. It was very exciting to see them but also scary as they were running across the highway. It was the first time either of us had seen Moose and it's something we will remember.

RestaurantSushi Momo, Montreal. We tried many impressive vegan restaurants across Canada but we are going to have to pick Sushi Momo as the best. We love sushi and the opportunity to have such an elaborate multi-course vegan sushi meal was a dream come true. This is sushi much better than what we are able to make at home. 

Vegan Scene: Ontario. It makes sense that Ontario has the best overall vegan scene since they are the most populated province. The more people there are, the more vegans there will be. They have vegan groups, tons of vegan restaurants and events on a much larger scale than the rest of Canada.

Beach: Prince Edward Island. We visited quite a few beaches across Canada but we will say that the beaches on PEI are the best. They were great to walk on and we enjoyed them a lot. The red sand beaches are very cool to see as well.

Highways: Alberta. We like the highways in Alberta the best because they were in good condition and the scenery was great as well. There was a lot of different scenery in Alberta from prairie to mountains to badlands. Variety makes the drives more interesting. BC has great scenery as well but we didn't enjoy driving up and down mountain roads and the highway in Ontario was neverending and a bit stressful. 


Campsites: Ontario because of how expensive they were. Ontario has some nice campsites but we had a hard time finding anything there that was cheaper than $40 a night. Most of them seemed to be closer to $50 a night and that is way too expensive for us. The expense of the campsites in Ontario pushed us into Wal-Mart parking-lot camping.

Rest Stops: Ontario had many rest stops, but they were dirty outhouses. They were so dirty, it looked as if they hadn't been cleaned in weeks. I would rather hold it, than venture into one of these bad boys. They had picnic tables near the outhouses so you can eat while smelling this terrible outhouse. Needless to say, we didn't stop at another one of these.
Wild Life: Ontario because I got bit by a tick and there is a risk of contracting Lyme Disease when you get bit by a tick. Lyme Disease is pretty serious but luckily it doesn't appear that I have Lyme Disease.

Restaurant: Tim Hortons in Wawa, Ontario. We ordered the apple strudel which is accidentally vegan. We were going through the drive-through and they gave us another strudel instead which was not vegan. By the time we noticed it was too late and we had driven quite a ways down the highway.

Vegan Scene: PEI because the vegan scene was non-existent. It is such a small place that it's hard to complain but there wasn't much in the way of vegan options at restaurants. The ones we saw on Happy Cow were closed while we were there.

Beach: It's hard to pick the worst beach because they are all pretty good. The beach in Osoyoos was a bit overcrowded but it's a bit rich to call it the worst beach in Canada since it was pretty fun swimming there. The beaches in Cape Breton were a bit frustrating because they looked so nice but it was way too cold to go swimming. We didn't find any bad beaches in Canada but there were a few that we either overcrowded or too cold for swimming which would make them the worst I suppose.

Highways: Manitoba because some of their highways were in shockingly bad condition with tons of potholes and massive chunks of the asphalt missing. We didn't get any footage of the worst of the Manitoba highways. Obviously, they have very harsh winters in Manitoba and not a huge population so it is understandable why they are in the condition they are in. Here is a video of one of the good ones we had the pleasure of driving on!

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These are the sort of things you think about while driving on a road trip. You want to compare the different places you've been and rate what was the best. Luckily, there was a lot of great places all across Canada and we had a very limited amount of bad experiences in the places we visited.

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