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Vegan Travel Interview with The Nomadic Vegan

Wendy Werneth is an intrepid world traveler, vegan foodie and animal lover. She is the author of the book Veggie Planet and the creator of the award-winning vegan travel blog The Nomadic Vegan, where she uncovers vegan treasures across the globe so that you can be vegan anywhere and spread compassion everywhere.

You may remember Wendy from when we did our mini Vegan Travel Interviews when we asked seven other vegan travel bloggers the following questions:
Why are you travelling? Why did you become vegan?
and Where in the world did you discover your best meal/vegan find?
Today, Wendy is back on our blog answering more questions about her vegan travel lifestyle. We are excited to have the opportunity to interview her again and get her perspective on vegan travel as she is quite the expert and role model for all those aspiring vegan world travellers out there. She is a vegan travel trailblazer and has gone to many different countries all over the world eating all kinds of vegan food on the…

The Best and Worst that Canada has to Offer

While we were on our road trip across Canada, for Canada's 150th birthday, it was hard not to compare each province to one another. Canada is a massive country and we noticed a lot of differences between all the places we ended up visiting. While driving we discussed all of the differences in each region and thought of a best and worst list for our experience on a cross Canada road trip.


Campsites: British Columbia. We found that BC had not only the cheapest campsites but the best overall campsites. The scenery in BC is hard to beat with the mountains and lakes. We were also very impressed with the condition of the campsites we visited and that is why we think BC has the best overall campsites.

Rest Stops: Quebec rest stops had clean fully functioning washrooms, vending machines and a picnic area in nature. It was such a peaceful place, you forgot that you were at a highway rest stop. There were even trails to walk along the St Lawrence river. Strangely enough, you were not allo…

Vegan Guide to Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec. Quebec is a french speaking province in Canada and Montreal is a very multicultural city with lots of excitement and character. It's a city known for many things such as the Just for Laughs comedy festival, the F1 Canadian Grand Prix and the Montreal Canadiens Hockey Team.