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How to Budget for a Long Road Trip Across Canada

We already talked about how to plan a long road trip, now we are here to tell you how to budget for your trip!

Once you have decided on what kind of road trip you would like to do and for how long then you can start figuring out a budget. You will be able to figure out how much you can expect to pay for your trip and whether or not what you want to do is feasible.

In order to budget for a long road trip across Canada, you need to consider the five budget categories of Transportation, Food, Accommodation, Entertainment, and Emergency.

1. Transportation. For a road trip, you will need to either own a car, borrow a car or rent a car. You might need to purchase something especially for the trip or you might have something already. If you need to rent then you can compare prices of different rental companies. Aside from the major purchase of a vehicle, one of the main things you will be looking at in terms of budgeting for transportation is fuel. You need to figure out how much you will need …

Best Places VEGANISED on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is an interesting place to visit with lots of cities and towns surrounded by beautiful nature and opportunities for outdoor activities. A lot of people enjoy the island for it's laid back atmosphere and all the great things to see and do. Here are some of the places that you might visit on the island and some info on the vegan food options you will find while visiting. There is vegan food to be found all over the island from Victoria to Tofino and more. Check out the Best Places Veganised on Van Isle.

If you are planning on travelling to Victoria from the mainland, you can catch the ferry to Vancouver Island from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay. Swartz Bay is in Sidney and it happens to be a wonderful town to check out. It's close to the water, it walkable and there are a few vegan places to check out such as Fish on Fifth. It's not a vegan place but they have a vegan menu which includes a vegan big mac. It's also close to the famous Butchart Gardens s…

5 Books We Read when we went VEGAN

When we first went vegan we read a few different books in order to learn more about the reasons behind veganism. I'm not saying that these are your best resources for veganism but these are the ones that we read when we first started. We read these back in 2010 so there are many more books out there now that are more up to date in terms of the research they cite but you can still get a lot out of these books. Plus these books are not just full of information, they are also entertaining.

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1. Skinny Bitch (OR Skinny Bastard). This is a pretty ridiculous book series that basically fat shames you into going vegan but there is a lot of useful information in there. I think that they have your best interests at heart though. I guess as long as you aren't super sensitive to your weight and this book doesn't cause you to develop an eating disorder as a result, then this might be just what you need.

2. How …