Travel Tips: Being Vegan on the Road

During our two-month road trip across Canada, we did a lot of camping in campgrounds and sleeping at Wal-Marts. We did stay with some friends and family along the way as well. There were even a couple hotels we stayed in on the trip. The majority of the time we made our own food at our campsite or as a picnic in a park while living in our SUV. It was only in major cities that we indulged in checking out the vegan restaurants partially because major cities are where vegan restaurants tend to be.

In order to cook our food, we used a single burner butane stove. We had two pots, plates, bowls, cups, Tupperware containers and cutlery. We also had a couple coolers to store our food. Having a limited amount of supplies to work with we needed to get creative and figure out what worked best. To see what else we brought with us check out our ULTIMATE Packing List for a THREE Month Road Trip for ideas on what to pack for your own trip. If you are planning a longer road trip, like we did, you can also check out How to Plan a LONG Road Trip to get yourself started.

Before we left on our road trip we made a huge batch of Jamaican Stew and froze it. We kept it in the cooler and would thaw out a bit at a time for each meal. As time went on it didn't need much thawing. We did the same thing again after stopping for a visit with some family on the way.

Here is a breakdown of some of the food that we ate for each meal. We were able to find all of this stuff at major grocery stores and places like Wal-Mart along the way. We weren't eating anything fancy, just stuff that was easy to store and easy to make with the equipment we had.

Instant Oatmeal (Quick and easy. Easy clean up)
Instant Coffee (we didn't bring a coffee maker)
Cans of Baked Beans
Fruit Cups
Vegan Protein Powder Shakes

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches
Pickle and Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Hot Dogs (Yves vegan hotdogs)
Hummus and Baguette (or Veggies)

Trail mix
Nuts and Seeds
Wasabi peas
Dried fruit
Corn nuts
Focaccia bread
Onion Buns

Jamaican Stew
Baked Beans and Bread
Rice and Beans (we used brown minute rice as it was easier to make)
Hot dogs (Yves vegan hotdogs)
Pasta with tomato sauce
Smoked tofu wraps
Broccoli Slaw
Salad Mix

We would buy both items that were perishable like broccoli slaw, vegan hot dog and those that were not like canned soup. If we bought something that was perishable then it would be something we were planning on eating soon whereas the non-perishable items, we would plan on eating later.

We were able to buy ice for our coolers but we tended to not do so as much as we thought we would. Most of the time if we bought something that needed refrigeration we would end up eating it soon.

These are some quick and easy vegan options for a road trip or camping trip. You can always find restaurants along the way but it tends to run up the expenses pretty quick. We held out for the amazing vegan restaurants that we found across Canada and self-catered the rest of the time.

We hope you liked this list and that it gives you some meal ideas for your next road trip or camping trip. We definitely didn't go hungry and it seems like we saved a lot of money along the way as well. Happy Camping.

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