Nova Scotia: Canada's Ocean Playground

Travel Diary:

Once we left Prince Edward Island (PEI) we went and visited an old friend at a beachfront cabin in Nova Scotia. We hadn't seen each other in years so it was a lot of fun to catch up. Plus the beach was nice and the weather was great. We camped on the lawn outside the cabin. It was fun catching up but sadly we forgot to take any pictures. 

Being on the east coast was great because we felt accomplished for making it to the other side of the country. It was also great to get to see the east coast scenery. We went to Cape Breton which is an island in Nova Scotia. It is a great place for a drive. 

We crossed the bridge over to Cape Breton and started driving to the Cape Breton National Park to get a campsite.
It was cool driving through the little towns and seeing all the houses close to the ocean.
We saw evidence of the historic Acadian population on Cape Breton with all the French signage and town names. We also saw some Nova Scotia license plates with the Acadian flag on them. It's cool getting to see all the unique places like this across Canada.

We had heard that driving around Cape Breton is the most beautiful drive and we'd have to agree it is amazing.

We made a separate post on our time on Cape Breton which you should check out. Also, you should check out the video we made on Cape Breton to see how scenic a drive it is. You can see it here:

Cape Breton was beautiful and we really enjoyed our time camping in the national park and driving on the Cabot Trail. It was time to see more of Nova Scotia so we drove close to Halifax.
We decided to camp at a campground about 30 minutes from Halifax rather than getting a hotel or something in the city or camping at Wal-Mart. It was a really nice campsite.
We were right near a lake and everything. The only unfortunate thing was the weather got really rainy in the night and we got absolutely soaked. Our rain fly was not enough to stop the rain. 
It didn't dry out in the morning either and there was very little in the way of undercover areas for us to make breakfast. We had to leave the site and drive all around the park to find a little undercover area that just barely did the trick. At least we were able to cook our breakfast and make coffee before taking off. 
It was such a great campground but we were pretty frustrated by the poor weather and how soaking wet all our stuff got. Plus the tent got really dirty since the ground had turned to mud in the rain. Our stuff was all filthy and wet. Looking back, it doesn't seem too bad but at the time we were frustrated.

We debated whether to head to Halifax or Peggy's Cove first. We decided that Peggy's Cove was what we wanted to see most so we headed there first. We figured that we could visit there and then go to Halifax to eat some lunch afterwards. We wrote a separate post on our visit to PEGGY'S COVE
Check it out:

Peggy's Cove was great. Next, we drove to Halifax to get some lunch. Halifax is famous for the Halifax Donair so we were on the lookout for a vegan version of the Halifax's favourite dish.

We found parking and had a nice walk through some of the Halifax neighbourhoods. We enjoyed seeing the old houses and the style of the East coast. There were a lot of trees in the city.
Thanks to Happy Cow we found a great place to eat called Wild Leek Cafe. We talked to someone that worked at Apiecalypse Now! in Toronto and they recommended we check out Benny's Burgers in Halifax. Unfortunately, their hours didn't line up for us and they are a food truck rather than a sit-down restaurant. Plus we could only pick one place to eat for lunch and Wild Leek sounded perfect.
It had a laid-back atmosphere and it felt great to sit down for a meal inside.
I'm not sure what we expected from the name Wild Leek but the menu was even better than we imagined. There were a lot of options. Everything was vegan. They had a vegan benny and...
The had a vegan version of the Halifax Donair.The garlic sauce on it tasted fantastic.
We found it!
It tasted amazing. It was so good it had us thinking about opening a food cart where we would serve Halifax Donair among other things.

We had a short but sweet time in Halifax. Unfortunately, the weather was not too great while we were there and we were not looking forward to camping in the rain again especially since our tent was soaking wet still. We could have splurged on a hotel but it was expensive and we decided against it. We felt that it was about time that we moved on, as we still wanted to find a campsite for the night but someplace dry. As much as we were enjoying our time across Canada we were itching to start heading back west to see some more of the places we wanted to see.
We were heading back towards New Brunswick planning on driving and seeing how far we could make it and finding a good campsite. The weather forecast in New Brunswick was much better. Little did we know the fiasco that was in store for us as we headed toward Fundy National Park.

If you enjoyed reading this post then stay tuned for more on our cross Canada road trip for Canada 150. We head back west across the continent and stop in more parks and cities. Road trips are a lot of fun and we certainly had a blast checking out all the sights to see on this one.