Nanaimo's Most Beautiful Attraction: Neck Point

We were back in Canada after living in the UK for two years. Just because we're back, doesn't mean that our wanderlust disappeared. What we used to do before we started going on bigger trips is explore Vancouver Island. There is a lot of places to see on Vancouver Island and we have by no means seen it all.

In Nanaimo one of our favourite spots for a walk is Neck Point. It has to be the most beautiful attraction in Nanaimo. We have been there many times before and we went for a walk there when we got back from the UK in March.

Neck Point Hike in March:

It was cold enough that we needed to wear our jackets. It can be chilly near the water. The weather was perfectly clear that day. 
Mom and Dad came with us on the walk. 

At Neck Point there is a little door in one of the trees where Elves supposedly live. It's a place where people can leave presents or take presents. It's a little thing for kids.
While we waited for Canada to thaw before going on our cross Canada road trip my Aunt and Uncle came to visit. When someone visits a good place to take them is Neck Point so we went there again.
This time it was a lot less cold. 
We had a good time walking around Neck Point in the sunshine.
Many people get their engagement photos or wedding pictures done at Neck Point. It's a great backdrop. Some people even get married at Neck Point.
It is a nice place to walk around and take some pictures.
You can see the mainland off in the distance.

The water looks nice but I don't remember ever seeing anyone go swimming here before. Maybe they do when it gets really hot in August. People do go scuba diving here.
Nanaimo has quite a number of places that are good for Scuba diving for anyone that has their Scuba license.
This is the spot that would be best for swimming at Neck Point.
This flower is the dogwood or Cornus nuttallii which is British Columbia's official flower.
If you enjoyed reading about Neck Point in Nanaimo then you will enjoy reading about our cross Canada road trip where we go to many parks across the gigantic country that is Canada. Thanks for reading.