Dear, Winter is Here! Bring on the Cheer

If you missed last month's update, find it here: "Giving Thanks and Being Festive"

We started off the month half way through our zero waste challenge. It was very challenging with a trip to Victoria and staying in a hotel. Watch our video and see!

We caught up on some blog posts. Our goal is always to be one month ahead, that way if we end up on a trip, you guys are still entertained! With both of us working full time, it is a bit of a challenge to get a month ahead though!

This month our vegan guide is for Toronto, ON, It was so much fun getting to visit Toronto this summer and getting to try a bunch of amazing vegan food. We got to try quite a few places we had seen on Instagram and Facebook. Toronto really has their vegan comfort food game mastered. Sure we were only there a couple days, but we decided to write a little vegan guide based on our experience. We hope you like it. (Remember we share a new Vegan Guide the second Sunday of every month).

This month we shared some of our cruise ports from our Alaskan Cruise in September.
See some of our videos:

We've been on a few cruises now so we've learned a thing or two about how to prepare for a cruise and some tips for onboard the cruise as well. For this post, we thought up our best advice to give someone planning on going on a cruise. We think you'll find this helpful. These are just some things to help you make your cruise vacation even better.  'How to have a Successful Cruise' (Remember to check back the third Sunday of every month for more travel tips from us.) 

We are loving the response from our Spotlight Series for Vancouver Island. We published our third post. 'Spotlight' is our newest series that we post the fourth Sunday of every month. This month, we are talking about the Butchart Gardens! Check back June 25th for our last post on Birmingham.

As this will be our first Christmas home in two years we are busily getting our Christmas shopping done, and cooking our dishes for the family potlucks. It will be great to spend the holidays with our families this year. We did make the most of it during our holidays in England though!!

This Christmas we ended up missing all of our friends and vegan family in England. Unboxing videos are ubiquitous on YouTube but we've never had an opportunity to make one until now. We did a trade with one of our friend's Plant-Based Nurse. He lives in the UK and we live in Canada now so we thought it would be fun to send each other vegan snacks from each of our countries.

Christmas 2015 - Our First Birtish Christmas
Christmas 2016 - A Wanderlust Vegans Christmas
Christmas went wonderfully and we were happy to spend some time with our families. To read about time see here:  Wanderlust Vegans are Home for the Holidays

Since this month has five Sundays, we would normally put together an ultimate vegan guide. Instead, as it is the new year, we put together our Best Memories of Twenty-Seventeen. We also wrote a post on our Best Vegan Food in 2017. We hope that you can use these posts are an inspiration for planning your own travels.

Stay tuned for what we get up to in twenty eighteen. The goal is to make the next year even better!

Happy New Year!

To see what we get up to next month, check out our post: Jumping into the New Year with more Travels