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A Cruise to Alaska is something we had been planning on doing for quite a long time and now we were finally making it happen. We had heard a lot about how beautiful Alaska is and how fun the cruise is. It's probably the easiest way to see Alaska since some of these places in Alaska are difficult to get to.
One of the great things about the Alaskan cruise for us is that it leaves from Vancouver so it is easy for us to get to.
We took the ferry to Horseshoe Bay and then hopped on the bus to get to our hotel in North Vancouver

Close to our hotel was the pizza chain Panago which has vegan pizza with Daiya cheese. We went there and got a couple pizzas for dinner.
In the morning we caught the bus into downtown Vancouver to get to Canada Place where the cruise terminal is located.

It was a beautiful day in Vancouver. The sun was out and the sky was perfectly clear.

We got through security with no delays and made it on the ship. We carried our own bags on the ship rather than checking our luggage because we wanted to have access to our luggage right away. As it turned out our rooms weren't ready yet so it meant that we were stuck with our luggage until our room was ready.
While we waited for our room to be ready we got changed and relaxed in the hot tub. It was pretty nice. It wasn't super warm out but it wasn't too cold to go in the hot tub.
Once our room was ready we put our luggage away and went to dinner. We made sure to let the dining room know beforehand that we are vegan. We had let the cruise line know this when booking the cruise as well so they had lots of warning.
They said it was not a problem to make us vegan food.
Our meal was pretty good. We had a soup, salad, some sort of eggplant dish and some fruit.

They tried to give us dairy ice cream so it made us question whether they understood our request. We figured it was just a miscommunication. They brought us some fruit instead.
Each night we made it to a show in the theatre with the cruise ships production cast. The production cast had singers and dancers. 
We ate fruit from the room service menu for breakfast along with coffee with soy milk. We tried to get veggie burgers for lunch but they turned out to not be vegan. The cruise staff told us that our best bet for getting vegan food is to go to the dining room rather than the buffet so we decided to check out the dining room at lunch. As it turned out they were not much help so we stuck with going to the buffet and seeing what we could find. We did make a reservation for dinner with our vegan request. A lot of the stuff at the buffet was not vegan because they coat it all in butter.
DRESS UP DAY! We got all dressed up to get our picture taken with the captain. On cruise ships they like to take your photo everywhere you go and then you can buy photo prints. They are overpriced like you might expect but if you have some onboard credit to spend then you have might have to use it or loose it and photos are the way to go.
Our room was close to the art gallery so we got to walk past all these paintings everyday.
We went to dinner and it was unfortunately a dissappointment.
We got the spring roll so we assumed that it was vegan but then we got our soup and there were hunks of chicken in it. They didn't do a good job checking to make sure we received vegan food. It was a little hard to trust them after this meal because we made a clear request for vegan food and the Maitre D even seemed insulted when I asked if the chef knew what vegan meant. The only reason I asked was that the day before we had read the ingredients list on the veggie burgers and saw that they were not vegan and then later on the Maitre D told us the chef said the veggie burgers were vegan. Plus they served us dairy ice cream so we weren't sure if they were clear on the definition of vegan.

Anyway, we got our pictures taken and had a good rest of the night after a bit of a disastrous dinner.

The next day we were stopping in Juneau which was our first cruise port.
Our surroundings were beautiful.
We ate some breakfast at the buffet. They have soy milk for coffee and peanut butter for toast but unfortunately, they don't put it out. We had to ask for soy milk and peanut butter every day. It's sad but it was a bit of a hassle getting reasonable food we could eat in the buffet. It was frustrating because we felt like we were being a nuisance always asking questions and asking for peanut butter from the back but it would be an easy fix. They could just label their food with ingredients or allergy list and start putting peanut butter and soy milk out in the buffet if there are people asking for it every day.

We made it to Juneau Alaska and you can read all about our time there here:

Our dinner was much better. We decided to go with the very hard to screw up vegan request, Indian Curry. All they have to do it no put dairy in the curry and we are all good.They reassured us a bunch of times that it was all vegan and we trusted them. They seemed very apologetic about the previous night.

The dinner was really good and we decided since it was so good and since we love Indian curry that we'd just keep asking for curry every night. We had to pre-order our evening meal each day since we were making a special request for vegan food.

Every night there was some sort of show in the cruise ship theatre. When we got back to our room we had one of the famous towel animals made for us on our bed.
Next, we woke up and we were in Skagway, Alaska.
It's cool waking up in a new place while we were relaxing. The travelling is pretty easy to handle on a cruise ship.
We all had a chance to pose with the helm on the observation deck.
We made it to dry land again and this time we got to explore the historic Skagway. You can read about our fun time there right here:

After a fun time in Skagway, we were back on the ship. My Grandpa like to go on cruises and his favourite drink on the ship was a pina colada so we made a point of ordering one so we could get a picture.

The curry we had for dinner was awesome. They were doing a great job making us curries for dinner.
They tried their hands as making a crumble for dessert. It wasn't the greatest but at least they tried.

Back at the room, we had a new towel animal on our bed.
The next day we made it to Glacier Bay. We made a video of our time there so check it out. The captain spun the ship slowly for a couple hours so we could all take pictures as the scenery was incredible. There were some park rangers that came on board to give us information on the area over the PA system. 
One of them gave a talk in the theatre which we went to. It was great hearing a bit about the history of the area.

After a good day of cruise shipping, we made it to dinner. We pretty much just ate all day. For a couple vegans complaining about a lack of vegan food we sure ate a lot of food on this trip.
We had a fantastic beet salad because we had it the other night and we requested it again. 
For dinner, we had another delicious curry. We were loving these curries.

We walked around the ship and went to our show and then found another towel animal in our room.
The next day we woke up and we were in Ketchikan. It was our last port of call. We found it difficult to believe that our cruise was getting close to being over and that this was our last port in Alaska. To read about our time in Ketchikan check out this post here: 

After a great day exploring Ketchikan we were back on the ship and eating dinner again. 
Our salad and our curry were fantastic again. They really did a great job making us these curries.

They don't let you take pictures of the shows on the ship so we respected that and now we have no pictures of any of the shows. Maybe we could have taken a sneaky photo here or there? Oh well.
We found another towel animal in our room after dinner. We got changed for the white hot party. It's a dance party with glow sticks and black lights. 
We had fun and there was a cool ice sculpture there. I think it is a horse head. Can you see it?
The next day we explored the ship some more since it was our last day on the ship. It was funny that we saw a bunch of whales going past Vancouver Island. Everyone was looking at them as we went past. They were near Telegraph Cove.

There was a gym and a basketball court on board.

It was fun exploring the ship before we leave it.
We found some guacamole and tortilla chips. The guy reassured us the guacamole was vegan. We were kinda disappointed we found it on the last day because we could have been eating this the whole time.

We checked out the final show. They said that we were allowed to take all the photos we wanted for the final show for some reason. They sang a big farewell song that involved a lot of the crew.
We had a great last meal on the ship.
We didn't take a lot of pictures of the bread we ate with every meal but we got baskets of french bread with every meal. They assured us that it was all vegan. We ate a lot of bread, it was very good.

We got a picture with our server. We requested her because she did a great job making sure that all our food was vegan and she seemed to understand our requests well.
Back at the room, we found a final towel animal. 
Before we knew it we were back in Vancouver. It was a great cruise and it may seem like the problems with finding vegan food ruined the cruise a bit but it was mostly just the first day or two and then everything went pretty smoothly. The scenery was amazing in Alaska and it was a lot of fun getting to see all of the cruise ports. Relaxing on a cruise ship is a great way to see it all.

If you enjoyed this post then you are going to want to check out the posts we've done on the other cruises we've been on. We have tried a few different cruise lines and they are all a little different.


  1. Wow! This must be an ultimate experience. Thanks for sharing it with us and bringing this story closer. ;)


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