Photo Op of a Lifetime: Spinning Around in Glacier Bay, Alaska

Travel Diary:

We were continuing to have a great time on our Alaskan cruise. The cruise ports so far were great but the moment we were really waiting for was going to Glacier Bay National Park. The easiest way to get to Glacier Bay National Park is by cruise ship. Otherwise, you can get to the region by air and get catch a ferry but cruise ship is much easier. We managed to get one of the last ships going up the inside passage for the season.
The scenery was gorgeous and that is the main reason we wanted to come to Alaska. We got our warm clothes on and went out on the deck to get as many pictures as possible.
We were not travelling very fast so the water was very still. It looks like we are travelling on glass.

It seemed like all of the passengers were out on the deck trying to get a good picture so there was a bit of competition to get a good spot.
We decided to go for the deck that was up a level as it was not quite so crowded and we were still able to get pretty decent pictures.
The most impressive glacier that we came to see was the Margerie Glacier. The captain of the ship had us spinning around in circles so we could all get a good chance to get a picture of the glaciers in Glacier Bay.
This is all the people on the upper outside deck. 
The weather was awesome as sometimes it is so foggy that you can't see a thing. We were thankful that the weather was so clear because otherwise, it would have been a bit disappointing.
The mountains all around us were incredible as well. At one point this whole inside passage was covered by glacier ice.

It was great getting a bunch of pictures of the glacier but being there in person was the main thing. Being surrounded by incredible scenery and having the opportunity to witness the rugged landscape of Alaska was a fun experience.

We, of course, had to get some pictures with the glacier to prove to ourselves and others that we were there.

Here we are stoked to get a picture with a huge amount of ice.

It was getting to be a little bit cold standing outside taking pictures so we were starting to think about heading inside and getting some lunch.

We used the panoramic setting on our new camera a bunch of times to try and capture the epic scenery all around us.
There was another Glacier close by called (I believe) the Grand Pacific Glacier. It was a little dirtier looking and less impressive but we still enjoyed getting a picture with a big sheet of ice.
Here we managed to locate where exactly we were on the map. There were some park rangers that came aboard the ship and they were giving out maps and information on the national park. We decided to head inside to hear a presentation that one of the rangers was giving on the park.
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