Juneau, Alaska | Mount Roberts

Travel Diary:

We went on an Alaskan cruise. It's a trip we had been planning to do for a long time. We've always wanted to see Alaska and the Alaskan cruises conveniently depart from Vancouver which is very close to us. For a variety of reasons we put off the Alaskan cruise but finally we made it.

The first cruise port we stopped at was Juneau. Being on the cruise ship was fun, don't get me wrong, but we were really thankful to be in a town and be able to walk around on land.

Juneau is a small place but it was chock full of tourists everywhere. The shops were pretty busy and there were mad deal on all sorts of stuff.
We found some vegan dark chocolate that was delicious. We always search out the best vegan options and sometimes that happens to be dark chocolate. Sea Salt sounded like a bizarre flavour but it was delicious. You have to try it.
There were other cruise ships in port so not just our ship. Here we are in front of two ships that aren't ours. We had to take a short shuttle bus to get to our ship.
There were some locals only looking dive bars that we didn't go into but they had cool neon signs.
There is a lot of opportunities to see First Nations artwork in Juneau at the different museums and art galleries. Check out the side of that building. Very cool.

We went for the main attraction, the Mt Roberts Tramway, even though it was kind of pricey. We figured that we'd only be there once so we might as well. That's no doubt why they can get away with charging so much to ride the tram.

It was great to be at the top of the tram, to be honest. There were some hikes at the top.
The view from up there was great. Our ship is the one at the bottom left of the picture.

There was lots of time for pictures up there. We did our best to not come across any bears because we don't want to see them up close.

We checked out some of the trees that grew strangely and we did our best eagle impersonation.
That's about all for Juneau. It was fun to see what a town in Alaska is like and we'd recommend the tram to anyone visiting.

If you enjoyed this post then you are going to enjoy reading about the rest of our Alaskan cruise including the other cruise ports and our time spent on the cruise itself. We have blog posts and youtube videos coming up on all our time spent in Alaska.