Giving Thanks and Being Festive

If you missed last month's update, find it here: "The Spookiest Time of the Year"

We have been trying to stay busy and creating a work-life balance for ourselves. We have managed to have most Saturdays off with each other and we try and do something.

We were sitting around wondering what to do and then we saw on Facebook that there was a fundraiser event for RASTA that had vegan food. RASTA is an animal sanctuary. It stands for Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals. It was the 3rd annual Dixie for Rasta Fundraiser. There was a Dixie-style band playing the event called Free Radicals Dixie Band.
The fundraiser was a lot of fun. 

We also heard about vegan Baileys, so we went out and got some!
While we were out shopping, we noticed that there was a mini TESCO section in the grocery store. Not a lot of it was vegan products, but fingers crossed they bring in the free from section! Oh and my hair is getting super long, we can share it now.
This month our vegan guide is for Vancouver. We keep seeing people asking about vegan food suggestions in Vancouver, so we figured a post was in order.  (Remember we share a new Vegan Guide the second Sunday of every month).

We are doing a zero waste challenge for 30 days! Join us on this adventure as we try to make the world a little greener. We've been seeing more and more people talking about zero waste and we think it is a great idea. In today's society, we take for granted how much of our products come with excessive packaging that is discarded. Not all of it can be recycled either and what is not recycled goes into the landfill. Hopefully, we can learn something and do our part to not make as large an environmental impact as we do already. Cheers!

Zero Waste Nerd: 30 Day Challenge to Zero Waste 

We saw in the bulk store that they have a reusable container program and I crocheted produce bags! We attempted a zero waste soup recipe too!

We then ran out of plant-based milk. So we had to make our own!

For our travel tips this month we shared our tips for staying at Walmart. We found that camping can be pretty expensive and when you go on a two-month road trip the cost of campsites can really add up quick. Luckily we came across Wal-Mart camping which helped to keep our costs down significantly. We didn't know much about camping at Wal-Mart before but now that we've done it a few times we have some tips to share. These will help you have the best Wal-Mart camping experience possible. 'How to Have a Successful Night Camping at Walmart' (Remember to check back the third Sunday of every month for more travel tips from us.) 

On a mother, daughter day out we went to Milano's, an Italian restaurant. They have vegan cheese! So we got a vegan pizza to share, with some hummus and pita. (Make sure you specify you want your food made vegan)

My Mom had two birthday dinners. Lucky her. For Mom's first birthday dinner we went to Baby Salsa. We had the vegan quesadillas. Yum! 
We started to feel the Christmas spirit. One of us made cookies and the other decorated our tree.

For mom's second birthday dinner, we went to Manvirros Indian Grill. It was our first time there, and it was top notch! With every new place we go to in Nanaimo, we are adding it to our post "Vegan Delights in Nanaimo, BC"

We also attended my work Christmas party. My gift was a $50 gift card to a local gas station. SCORE!

This month on our spotlight series we highlighted the castle in Victoria BC. 'Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, BC'. We have explored this castle inside and out and think it is a great place for tourists to visit. We publish our 'Spotlight' series the fourth Sunday of every month.

At the end of November, we planned a little getaway with mom for her birthday. We headed towards Victoria BC and played tourist while devouring amazing food. More to come from that trip soon!

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