Best Memories of Twenty Seventeen

It's hard to believe that 2017 is already over. Time is a funny thing because it feels like the year went by so quickly yet it seems like some of the stuff we did this year happened so long ago. There were a lot of changes for us this year and at times it felt like we were sitting around waiting for a large portion of the year. Looking back though we realize that it was a busy year and we did a lot of stuff despite what seemed like a lot of downtime. We said goodbye to our lives in the UK, left our jobs and our friends there. We moved back to our hometown to live with our family and sort through our stuff. We took off on an epic road trip across Canada. Embarked on an Alaskan cruise and settled back into life on Vancouver Island.

Here's our story for 2017:

January: We were wrapping up things in the UK since our visa was ending and we weren't allowed to live there any longer but that didn't get in the way of our wanderlust. The opportunity to travel to Madrid finally was too hard to resist and it turned out to be up there on our list of favourite places we've been. We tend to enjoy all the places we travel to. It's hard to believe that earlier this year we were in Spain but it's true. Madrid was also a welcome break from the cold wet weather in the UK during the winter.

February: We wrapped up our time in the UK by exploring the UK some more. Getting to see more of the UK was the highlight of the month. It was a lot of fun going on a train trip to northern England to see a bunch of places such as York, Durham, and Newcastle. We'd never seen these places before. We got quite a few chances to visit with friends all over the UK and we ended it all with one last hurrah in London before catching our flight back to Vancouver.

March: Although we were sad to leave the UK, it was a lot of fun to visit Vancouver and see it with a fresh pair of eyes. We got see it from the perspective of having explored a number of big cities across Europe. We had been to Vancouver many times before but it felt a lot different this time as we were more aware of what makes Vancouver unique.

April: Before we moved to the UK we were living in Victoria so going back to Victoria in April felt like a bit of a homecoming. We got a chance to check out Fort Rodd Hill thanks to the Parks Canada Discovery Pass and we got to walk around Victoria to see what had changed. As it turned out, not a lot had changed aside from the new bike lanes everywhere. It was fun visiting some friends and getting to hang out in Victoria again.

May: We had been planning all along to do a road trip but May was when things really got moving when we got our SUV. We finally felt like we were making our dream a reality and getting all the details figured out for our road trip. It was a lot of fun figuring out what we needed and what our rough plan was. This took up all of our energy but we were happy to have a goal to work at now that the weather was warm enough to do a cross Canada road trip.

June: Being on the road and doing a cross Canada trip was so much fun. It was a lot easier in some ways than we expected because it all seemed to go very smoothly. At the same time, there were challenges with the long drives, the weather and the bugs. It was all in good fun and it felt good to push ourselves and do some stuff we'd never done before. We got to see a lot of amazing scenery so any challenges we faced in the moment we quickly forgot.

July:  Making it across Canada, seeing so many great cities and visiting all the national parks was a blast. It is such a long drive and we wanted to go longer but at the same time, life on the road gets a bit tiring. That's part of why we were driving back so quickly. Getting the chance to detour into the US to Minnesota to visit family for a week was one of the highlights of the whole trip. We had fun just hanging out and got a bit of time to rest up from our life of the road. Minneapolis is a fun city to visit and we were glad to be able to check out The Herbivorous Butcher a place we had heard a lot about online.

August: We had returned from our road trip adventure and got jobs immediately to make up for the long time we were without jobs. Despite working we still found the time to do some sightseeing. One of us went to Englishman River Falls and Chemainus. These are a couple places we'd been before but was nice to see again. Both of us had fun hiking around Westwood Lake. If there is one thing the island does not lack it is nature and quirky little towns.

September: The highlight of the month is obviously our Alaskan cruise. It is something we had been planning for a long time and it was great to finally see Alaska. We'd heard nothing but great things about the stuff you see on an Alaskan cruise and the weather was fantastic. We felt very lucky to see all the gorgeous scenery and visit the Alaskan towns.

October: We spent most of our time working but to keep ourselves entertained in our free time we got a bit creative and made our own sushi. We were honestly longing for the vegan sushi we had in Montreal at Sushi Momo so we did our best to compete and we made a video too.

November: Again, we were both working full time and working shifts that didn't line up too much. We only have one day off together at best but we still managed to challenge ourselves with a zero waste challenge. We have heard a lot about zero waste online and we wanted to give it a try. What better time to try out zero waste than when working full time. If you can manage while working full time then you know it is something you can keep up in the long term.

December: It's the Christmas season and it was fantastic to be able to check out the Butchart Gardens Christmas light up. It made for a great Mother, Daughter getaway visiting Sidney and walking around the Butchart Gardens. Even though it was raining we still had a lot of fun seeing it all.

In some ways, it was a difficult year for us with a lot of changes. Moving back to Canada, trying to figure out our lives. Looking back we see that there was so much to be thankful for and it reminds us of how lucky we are to be able to travel and visit so many amazing places. We have a lot of amazing friends and family that we've had the opportunity to spend time with this year. Getting the chance to visit old friends, make new friends, and spend time with family has made this year that much better.

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support over the year. We've had a lot of fun making this blog and it has pushed us to get out there and do fun stuff.

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