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Best Memories of Twenty Seventeen

It's hard to believe that 2017 is already over. Time is a funny thing because it feels like the year went by so quickly yet it seems like some of the stuff we did this year happened so long ago. There were a lot of changes for us this year and at times it felt like we were sitting around waiting for a large portion of the year. Looking back though we realize that it was a busy year and we did a lot of stuff despite what seemed like a lot of downtime. We said goodbye to our lives in the UK, left our jobs and our friends there. We moved back to our hometown to live with our family and sort through our stuff. We took off on an epic road trip across Canada. Embarked on an Alaskan cruise and settled back into life on Vancouver Island.

Here's our story for 2017:

January: We were wrapping up things in the UK since our visa was ending and we weren't allowed to live there any longer but that didn't get in the way of our wanderlust. The opportunity to travel to Madrid finally was…

Wanderlust Vegans are Home for the Holidays

This Christmas we promised our families that we would be home for the holidays. Living in England the last two Christmas', we couldn't afford to come home for the holidays as the cost of travel skyrockets. You can read about our Christmas' abroad here: Christmas 2015 - Our First British Christmas Christmas 2016- A Wanderlust Vegans Christmas
Like most families, we decorated the tree, put up Christmas decorations and we bought presents!   Both of our families live here on Vancouver Island, we were quite busy. We have a Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas breakfast, PRESENTS and Christmas Dinner. We also contribute to these meals and were busy cooking delicious vegans goodies. Our families are very supportive of our vegan lifestyle and all our meals were very vegan-friendly.
For Christmas Eve dinner, we had VEGAN lasagna! It was soooo good! We had lots of salads to choose from to go with it. For dessert we had apple pie, crumble, ice creams and butter tarts!  We even had that wh…

Photo Op of a Lifetime: Spinning Around in Glacier Bay, Alaska

Travel Diary:
We were continuing to have a great time on our Alaskan cruise. The cruise ports so far were great but the moment we were really waiting for was going to Glacier Bay National Park. The easiest way to get to Glacier Bay National Park is by cruise ship. Otherwise, you can get to the region by air and get catch a ferry but cruise ship is much easier. We managed to get one of the last ships going up the inside passage for the season. The scenery was gorgeous and that is the main reason we wanted to come to Alaska. We got our warm clothes on and went out on the deck to get as many pictures as possible. We were not travelling very fast so the water was very still. It looks like we are travelling on glass.

It seemed like all of the passengers were out on the deck trying to get a good picture so there was a bit of competition to get a good spot. We decided to go for the deck that was up a level as it was not quite so crowded and we were still able to get pretty decent pictures. T…