Most Scenic Drive Ever! Cape Breton Highlands and Cabot Trail

Travel Diary:

We've heard nothing but great things about Cape Breton and how beautiful it is there so we were very excited that Wanderlust Jimmy made it there. We had the goal of making it to the east coast and once upon a time that goal seemed a little bit crazy but we made it.

Since we decided the ferry to Newfoundland was way too much money this was to be our most easterly stop on our trip.

There were some Newfoundlanders in the campsite next to us and they didn't blame us for not taking the ferry over their either. It's kinda expensive. We figure we're going to save it for another trip. It's not a small island. It's 108,860 km2 which is bigger than Ireland and about half the size of the UK. Sorry guys but we didn't make it to Newfoundland. Okay, enough about Newfoundland already.
Once we got to Cape Breton we noticed immediately that it was kinda chilly there. The sun was out but in the shade, it was quite cold. We were more north than we'd been in awhile and on the Atlantic coast as well.
We drove right to the national park and got our camp set up. There was a visitors centre with wifi which we used. The site we had was in the open but it was nice being in the sun for a bit before it cooled down some more.

One of the best parts about visiting Cape Breton is the Cabot Trail and the Cape Breton Highlands. You get to drive along the coast and the views are incredible.
We would definitely recommend people do a road trip to Cape Breton because the views you get are gorgeous.
We ended up driving for a while and then stopping at viewpoint after viewpoint because we didn't want to miss out on another amazing view.
Plus these views are perfect for photos so we can remember the trip for years to come.
Everyone on the road was doing the same tourist stuff as us. It was great.
There was a veterans monument at the viewpoint.
The epic east coast scenery really drove it home to us that we accomplished our goal and made it to the other side of Canada.
Who would have thought we'd make it this far. We sort of thought we'd break down before we even made it to Edmonton but we're glad that wasn't the case.
There were a few people biking the Cabot Trail. What an amazing ride that would be!

We made a point of stopping at some of the trails to go for nature walks. We stopped at the French Mountain Bog.

We were hoping to see a Moose because they are often seen in this area. There weren't any Moose that day, unfortunately.
A few people were out taking some close up pictures of the plants in the bog.

Where are you, Moose!
We didn't really feel like seeing any bears though. They are pretty regular to see in Cape Breton National Park so we hear.
It was breathtaking view after breathtaking view there.
We were still looking out for those moose. Where are you guys! Come on!

We stopped at MacIntosh Brook to walk the trail which has a waterfall at the end of it.

The sign said to look out for wolves but we didn't happen to see any on our walk.

The trail was nice and so was the waterfall at the end. It's crazy thinking on this road trip we go from big cities like Toronto and Montreal to nature hikes like this. What an interesting contrast for a trip.

We had some fun taking pictures in the forest. That's for sure.
Next we made it to the Lone Shieling Trail which has an old Scottish Crofter's hut.
Don't forget we are in Nova Scotia, Latin for New Scotland.

There was even a guy in a kilt playing the bagpipes and entertaining us all.
We had a good little walk through the forest. Imagine what this forest would look like in Autumn. It must be amazing.

Back on the road, we made sure to make it to all the scenic spots we could. There is much more to see though if you spend lots of time here. There is many a hike that will take all day but bring you to some amazing views.

We stopped to take some pictures here near White Point and a kid looked at our license plate. Then he said "British Columbia!" really loudly. It was great.
There were not a lot of people out there with BC license plates.

We made it to a beach so we decided to get some pictures as this would be our most Easterly point of our trip.

We wrote Wanderlust Vegans in the sand and it washed away almost immediately.
Then we tried West to East and the same thing happened. We tried Canada 150 a little further up the beach and it seemed to stay there for awhile.
We stopped in Green Cove a little ways down the road because it looked really cool.
This turned out to be our most easterly point of the trip rather than Broad Cove.

We hung out on the rocks for awhile. The sun was really nice. It wasn't too cold out when you were in the sun.

After a little more of a drive, we made it to Broad Cove Campground. We got all set up and went down to the beach.
We decided to stay at this campground for 2 nights. We returned the next day and relaxed at the beach all day.
Relaxing at a beach and reading is a great thing to do.
After it was time to leave we carried on and we kept finding gorgeous beaches we wanted to stop at.
At the same time, we wanted to continue our road trip as we were excited to see more of Nova Scotia. We wanted to make it to the Halifax area and see the famous Peggy's Cove.

Doesn't this beach look amazing though? It was difficult not to stop and go swimming there.
The east coast has some amazing beaches. I mean the west coast has Long Beach at Pacific Rim National Park near Tofino but every time we go there the weather is pretty miserable. The weather here is pretty good. I suppose it could be a bit warmer.

On our way off of Cape Breton Island, we accidentally drove to a toll ferry that only took cash. We had already driven on the ferry when we asked if they take visa. They just said to make sure to pay next time. Thanks ferry guys!
What a great time we had on Cape Breton. We really would have missed out if we skipped Cape Breton because it was a definite highlight of the whole cross Canada road trip. We may have made it to our most easterly point but we weren't heading back yet. We still have to go south down towards Halifax.

If you liked this post you are really going to like hearing about our time around Halifax and Peggy's Cove. We got some great pictures and some incredible food too. It is a post you won't want to miss. Nova Scotia is a great place and an excellent road trip destination. Be sure to check out our page Driving Across Canada for any posts you may have missed.


  1. Wow! Cape Breton seems so magnificent, especially for hiking. When's the best time of the year to explore it and hike there?

    1. Some time in the summer would be perfect. We were there the beginning of July and it was still a bit chilly.


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