Kouchibouguac and Kellys Beach

Travel Diary:

New Brunswick is a special place with lots of crazily named places like Kouchibouguac. We think it is pronounced Koo-Chee-Boo-Gwak. We still don't know for certain how to pronounce it but what a great place name and name for a national park. We were drawn in by the name and by the promise of an amazing beach.
We made a quick stop at the visitor's centre to get an idea of what sort of camping was available in the park. They had a few different campgrounds to choose from. We went for one that was fairly close to the beach we'd been hearing about.

The bug situation was not amazing there. We were swatting mosquitoes like crazy but managed to have a good time anyway.
We got our camp set up and cooked dinner. This is what our typical camp set up looks like when we are sleeping in the tent. The tent was useful for when the bugs were bad or when it got really hot, otherwise, we usually sleep in the SUV.

We had some sort of spicy rice and beans meal that we made with canned baked beans, brown minute rice, taco seasoning and salsa. Plus we had tea to drink.
We got some laundry done at the laundromat. It was a lot cheaper than some of the other laundromats we had been seeing on the road trip so we figured that now was as good a time as any to get our clothes clean.
The next day we went for a walk with all our swimwear to Kellys Beach which has to be one of the nicest beaches we've seen.
You have to go on a walkway over the marsh in order to get to the beach.

It has to be one of the best beaches in Canada.

There were a few people there enjoying the day like us. The weather was excellent for swimming. It was nice and hot out. The sand there was great.
We found a good spot and had a snack and then we went swimming. You should always make sure to eat right before swimming if I remember correctly.

The water is shallow at Kellys Beach so the sun warms it up really well. It's supposed to be the warmest ocean water at any beach north of Virginia. Something like that. It was great.

We brought books to read as well. We tried to maximise our time at the beach as it was the best part of the campground. The beach was great for swimming and sunbathing but also had no mosquitos.

We were having a great time and we were there for quite a long time alternating between swimming and reading when the weather started to get stormy. There was a thunderstorm off in the distance so we decided to high tail it out of there before it hit us. It started to rain a bit on the way back but it wasn't too bad. It was a good thing we made it back to camp before the weather got really ugly.

If you enjoyed this post then you are going to want to read our upcoming posts on the rest of our road trip across Canada. Kouchibouguac and Kellys Beach were amazing places to visit and we go to lots more incredible places on the way across Canada. We discover nature, cities and vegan food on our huge road trip across Canada.

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  1. Have you been finding that the bugs are not as bad or worse than you've been expecting? Our last Canadian road trip was in the West and we were eaten alive...

    1. The bugs in the middle of Canada (Manitoba and Northern Ontario) were the worst. The East is still pretty bad. I would say the west had the least amount of bugs. :P

  2. I would love to explore this place more, even though I wouldn't be able to pronounce Kouchibouguac right! When's the best time of the year to stay there?

    1. Hahah. It was hard to pronounce! We went in June, but the locals say it is busiest in July and August.


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