Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, BC

When visiting Victoria British Columbia Canada you might be surprised to find a castle in Canada. It's not really a castle. It's the mansion of Robert Dunsmir who made his fortune in the coal business during the late 1800s. Robert Dunsmir came over to Vancouver Island from Scotland and worked his way up in he coal business until he was filthy rich. 
He never got to see the castle completely built. Long story short, the castle changed hands and fell into disrepair but eventually became a museum. It is still a museum to this day and you can go inside and check it out.
The Castle/Mansion has a Scottish style because Robert Dunsmir was Scottish heritage.
The grounds are nice but nothing over the top. Inside there is lots of items and furniture from the 1890s.
It's an interesting museum and it attracts a lot of tourists that are visiting Victoria.
We used to live somewhat close to the area and we were always giving directions to the castle to tourists that were a bit lost. We got pretty good at giving directions to the castle.
There is lots of information giving you all the details about the castle and it's history. You also get to learn about Robert Dunsmir and his family.
Sometimes they have special events there. We happened to be there for some sort of event where they had people dressed up and doing some celtic music. It was cool to see.
There is also a great view of Victoria from the top of the castle. The castle is taller than most of the buildings around it and it is at the top of a hill on Joan Street which is just off of Fort Street. This location makes for a good view.
After you are done exploring the inside of the castle there is of course a gift shop where you can get a souvenir.
If you are ever in Victoria be sure to check out Craigdarroch Castle. The website for the castle is here. There have all kinds of information and show the admission rates. 
Here are the admission rates:
Adults $14.25
Seniors $13.25
Students $9.25 (13+ with Valid ID)
Children $5.00 (6-12)
I hope you enjoyed learning about Craigdarroch Castle and that it helps your holiday planning. 
What is your favourite castle? Would you consider this a real castle? Would you want to live in a castle?

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