Canada's 150th Birthday in Charlottetown, PEI

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We didn't have a plan for where to be on Canada Day when we originally set off on our cross Canada road trip. As it worked out we found ourselves in Charlottetown PEI which happens to be a historically significant place for Canada's 150th birthday. Canada's 150th birthday is celebrating 150 years since Confederation. Charlottetown is where the whole Confederation deal was hammered out.

Anyway, Charlottetown had some celebrations going on including music and other Canada Day type celebrations. It's a pretty small city so even though it was busy for Canada Day it wasn't out of control crowded. 

It's easy to walk everywhere in the downtown area. PEI is not a big place and it was only a 30-minute drive to Charlottetown from our campsite. That is part of why we opted to stay there rather than a hostel or hotel in the city. Lots of parking was free in Charlottetown too but the trick was finding a space.
We, of course, walked around the harbour area where they had some navy ships and a 2017 sign.

You can see all the people lined up to get on the ship. We'd just recently been on HMCS Haida in Hamilton. We'd recommend touring a ship if you get the chance.
There were some old school tall ships as well. Very cool.
Years ago I was sad that I couldn't afford a lobster dinner and now I'm just sad that people are eating lobsters and they are being boiled alive for that matter.
The buildings in Charlottetown are all nicely painted bright colours.

We walked to the park where there were more Canada Day celebrations going on. There was a stage with some musicians playing.

They had a bunch of fairgrounds stuff like rides, free samples, and food.
We got some Parks Canada temporary tattoos.

Pretty Hardcore!
We had a low key but great Canada Day celebrating Canada 150.
We felt pretty lucky that we made it to Charlottetown for the 150.

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