Beaches, Beaches and more Beaches in PEI National Park

Travel Diary:

We started this journey on an island on the west coast of Canada and we made it to an island on the east coast of Canada. We were excited to be on Prince Edward Island and see what island life is like on the east coast of Canada.

We crossed Confederation Bridge which is quite the long bridge. It is about a ten-minute drive on the bridge to get over to PEI. It's free to get over there but you have to pay to cross the bridge on the way back. You could also take the ferry over to PEI which how people had to do it before the bridge was built.

PEI is the Storybook Island because of Anne of Green Gables and  L.M. Montgomery.  L.M. Montgomery wrote the famous book about PEI and people visit the island to go to Green Gables.
PEI is known for potatoes and it's red sand which is a result of the high iron content of the soil.

It's a really pleasant island to drive around and a great break from the traffic you find in big cities like Toronto and Montreal. It doesn't take too long to get anywhere on the island.
Not all of the beaches on PEI have red sand. PEI has tons of amazing beaches red sand or otherwise.
We found the parks Canada campsite right near the beach. We stayed at Stanhope Campground, PEI National Park. We decided to stay here for a few days because it was right around the time of Canada day. We figured that it would be hard to show up to campsites close to Canada and find a spot.
Plus this campsite was pretty awesome and being near the beach was a lot of fun. It's so relaxing getting to hear the waves crashing.
We had a lot of fun going down to the beach and hanging out there.

The plan was to visit Charlottetown, the capital city of PEI, on Canada day. They had celebrations across Canada on Canada day and Charlottetown was hosting on as well.

Wanderlust Jimmy's new alternator was doing a great job charging his battery and powering his electrical systems. Look how brand new it looks compared to everything else.
The beach is huge and we walk on it for hours trying to make it to a lighthouse that we saw earlier.

It seemed as though the lighthouse should have been just down the beach but I guess when we passed it on the road we weren't paying attention to how far we drove until we made it to the campsite.

We asked a girl if she knew where we were and she had no idea so we kept going.
We finally made it to the lighthouse.

Close by were some businesses so we checked them out. They were pretty much all closed but there was one place open. As you could imagine this was not the best place to find vegan food. Luckily we were pretty full and not on the hunt for food. We were just doing some exploring.
We made it back to the beach for the golden hour or magic hour. This is what photographers call the hour of first light at sunrise and sunset. There were a lot of photographers out on the beach.
The beach was pretty deserted before but now that it was magic hour there were a few people out taking pictures and video.
We hadn't imagined that PEI looked like this. It was fantastic to be here.

We made our way back to the campsite as it got darker and darker.

We settled in for the night and did our best to get some rest for the next day. The only issue we had was that the campground was pretty full so we had to put up with the normal issues of being around lots of other people.
The next morning after getting ready we made our way to Green Gables because that's what you do on PEI.
We saw that people were ready for Canada Day.
We saw the house at Green Gables and went for a hike around the area. There was a lot of tourists there.
There was a nice path called Lovers Lane which is mentioned in the book. We've never read the book but apparently it is really good and describes Green Gables as being so perfect that people visit from all around the world.

We suck at speaking French but through the power of body language and gestures, we managed to communicate with a francophone family that wanted their picture taken. They took our picture in return. It was a lot of fun.

Close by is a boardwalk area with Ripley's Believe it or Not and other stuff. We got some vegan sorbet from a frozen yoghurt place.

We made it to Cavendish beach which is the most popular beach on PEI and it can get pretty busy depending on the time of year and the weather. The weather was not that great when we were there so we didn't really have to fight any crowds. There was probably more lifeguards than other people down there.

It's not official unless it's written in sand right?
Everyone leaves there shoes on the boardwalk so they don't get them all sandy on the beach.

Flowers are one the things people love to see on PEI.
We managed to find the Parks Canada Red Chairs again while we were checking out Cavendish beach and the dunes.

The environment is very fragile and you have to be careful so that people can enjoy it for years to come.

Notice the red colour to the soil. That is the high iron content.

Next, we went down the road aways to Dalvay-by-the-Sea National Historic Site. It's a big hotel that is pretty fancy. You are able to have a look at the lower level of the hotel even if you aren't staying there.

For dinner, we made sure to have some hummus to fill our hummus quota for the day. We managed to find canned hummus at Wal-Mart which is perfect for our camping situation.
Then we visited one of the famous red sand beaches. We saw the red soil on the island but this is one of the famous red sand beaches.
It's cool how one side of the island has regular looking sand and the otherside has this red sand. They are not that far from each other.

This is definitely a great place to be and we were lucky to be on PEI around Canada Day and Canada 150. 150 years since confederation in 1867.

This gives you an idea on how we were packing our food at this point. We were relying on canned food for the most part. It was easier to manage. We did have fresh food that we would buy but it would be stuff we were planning on eating pretty much right away. We limited the amount of ice we were buying to keep things fresh at this point in the trip.
We moved campsites part way into our stay at Stanhope as the site we were on was reserved for some of the days we wanted. Strangely no one ever showed up on that campsite so moving was a bit pointless.
For Canada Day we drove into Charlottetown for their Canada 150 celebrations. We had fun spending the day where Confederation started.

We loved our time on PEI and tried to make the most of our time there by visiting the beach and going on nature hikes.

We found some red chairs at the end on a trail. We talked about the books we were reading while we walked through the trails.

Then we went to another one of the red sand beaches to check it out since it is so unique.

We had to say goodbye to PEI but we will never forget our time there. It felt like we really made the right choice to spend a few days relaxing and enjoying the island. We deserved a break from the constant long drives at this point.

If you enjoyed reading about our time in PEI then you will be excited to read our upcoming posts on the rest of our cross Canada road trip where we will be exploring more of the Maritimes and more. Stay tuned for more travel.


  1. Beautiful!! Love the 2 different colored beaches. How lucky you were!!


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