A Beautiful Day to See Quebec City and Château Frontenac

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We had come along way on our cross Canada road trip and we were feeling reinvigorated by the fact we were close to all these big cities we'd heard so much about. We'd heard so much about Quebec City and we were super stoked to be there for the first time.
Rather than getting a hotel or hostel, we opted for getting a campsite close to town. KOA (Kampgrounds of America) is a chain of campsites and it seemed like a safe bet. We didn't really feel like going around to different sites like we had other places.
KOA turned out to be pretty good. They have clean facilities, a pool and a hot tub as well. They offer a more luxurious camping experience than most other campgrounds.
We had a site close to some cabins and the people next to us were really nice. In the morning we drove into Quebec City which was just over the bridge from where our campground was.

Parking was pretty easy to find on the street. We parked and then made our way to a vegan place called Louca that we found on Happy Cow. They had excellent food there. It was a cafe style with the food in a case behind the counter. We ordered a little bit of everything so we could try it all out.
We tried a quiche...

a tofu scramble burrito...
potatoes gratin...
plus carrot cake and a chocolate brownie for dessert. Oh man, it was all excellent.

We walked towards the old part of town which is cool to see. It's much older than other cities in Canada since Quebec City was founded in the 1600s. The old part of the city has a wall around it.
It really has a European look and feel to it.

It took us a while to figure out how to get up on the wall but when we did we got to enjoy this fantastic view of the city.
We were super stoked to be in Quebec City for the first time.

The food we had was great and walking around was an adventure. We only had a limited time because we wanted to get back on the road soon after exploring the city.
We knew that we had to see a few things such as the Chateau so we made our way there.

The buildings all had a really cool design to them.
We walked down the street towards the water. The city is not super big but it was a lot bigger than we expected.

We made it to the iconic Château Frontenac. We couldn't have asked for better weather.

We walked along the Dufferin Terrace and went down into the Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux National Historic Site.
It was cool getting to see the artefact from when the city was founded.

We tried to get shots from as many angles as possible and make good use of the weather.

Here we are in front of the statue of Samuel de Champlain. He was the founder of New France and Quebec City.

Quebec City has lots of restaurants with outdoor seating. There was tons of stuff going and lots of people all over enjoying the city.
It seemed like a lot of the people there were tourists. No wonder because it is a beautiful city.
We really enjoyed our time there and getting to walk around.
Even though we were only there for a few hours it felt like we got to see quite a bit. Walking around a city is one of our favourite things to do.

We get a kick out of seeing Irish pubs everywhere we go on our travels.
Before we knew it we were back on the road and aiming to make it to New Brunswick as soon as possible. We were psyched and hopeful that the rest of our trip would match the excitement of seeing Quebec City.

If you enjoyed this post then you will definitely enjoy reading about the rest of our road trip across Canada. Coming up we go to the Maritimes which is one of the most fun and unique regions of Canada. There is so much to see there and we got to see a lot of cool stuff.

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  1. I just did a Canadian road trip with my son over the summer. Quebec City was supposed to be our final stop, but we ended up having to go home early so we didn't make it that far. Your pictures are great and definitely remind me that I need to make plans to go back!!

    1. Oh no, sorry to hear! I hope you make it back this way again! Where did you make it to?


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