3rd Annual Dixie For RASTA Fundraiser!

We were sitting around wondering what to do and then we saw on Facebook that there was a fundraiser event for RASTA that had vegan food. RASTA is an animal sanctuary. It stands for Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals. It was the 3rd annual Dixie for Rasta Fundraiser. There was a Dixie style band playing the event called Free Radicals Dixie Band.

The event had burgers and dogs from Very Good Butchers which is a vegan place in Victoria. Plus there was a vegan bake sale with tons of goodies. The weather was a tiny bit snowy but we decided to go for it anyway and we were glad we did. Luckily we were able to borrow a car with winter tires. Make sure to check out the RASTA website and see what they are all about.
We showed up to the event right on time because we didn't want to miss out on anything.
The whole event is a fundraiser for RASTA because it can get expensive taking care of animals with all the feed and care they need.
Right away we went for the hot dogs from Very Good Butchers. They had a variety of house made sauces like a flax mayo and a vegan cheeze sauce. There were some crispy onions and pickles for the burgers and dogs too.
While we were waiting for the hot dogs to cook we had to snatch up a Nanaimo Bar because they were selling out fast. They were so so good. Our friend made them. 
The event was hosted in the Chemanius United Church. We weren't sure where to go so we ate our food out in the church being careful not to spill.
There were quite a few people there but there probably would have been more if there weather was better. It was snowing a little when we were leaving Nanaimo but there wasn't any snow most of the way down to Chemanius.
There was a silent auction and people were going around and bidding on the items they wanted.
Overall it was a great event for a good cause. We hope to attend other events for them in the future.

Check out the fundraising event we went to last year in England:

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