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Most Scenic Drive Ever! Cape Breton Highlands and Cabot Trail

Travel Diary:
We've heard nothing but great things about Cape Breton and how beautiful it is there so we were very excited that Wanderlust Jimmy made it there. We had the goal of making it to the east coast and once upon a time that goal seemed a little bit crazy but we made it.
Since we decided the ferry to Newfoundland was way too much money this was to be our most easterly stop on our trip.
There were some Newfoundlanders in the campsite next to us and they didn't blame us for not taking the ferry over their either. It's kinda expensive. We figure we're going to save it for another trip. It's not a small island. It's 108,860 km2 which is bigger than Ireland and about half the size of the UK. Sorry guys but we didn't make it to Newfoundland. Okay, enough about Newfoundland already. Once we got to Cape Breton we noticed immediately that it was kinda chilly there. The sun was out but in the shade, it was quite cold. We were more north than we'd been in …