Vegan Guide to Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and it is also the most populous city in Croatia as well. It is known for its architecture such as the Zagreb Cathedral and St. Mark's Cathedral. It's also known for having a cool pedestrian zone called Tkalčićeva Street, a big square called Ban Jelačić Square and the world's shortest Funicular, the Zagreb Funicular. Yes, you heard that right, the worlds shortest funicular.

Why You Should Go: It is a cool city with a lot of life to it. There is a lot of people everywhere having a good time. It has so many interesting places to visit such as Art Park, a park with lots of street art and some WWII era tunnels. There are hills to get a good view of the city, cool architecture and fantastic restaurants. Everything is reasonably priced in Zagreb.
Getting to Zagreb: We arrived in Zagreb by bus. We took the Flixbus which is an affordable option for travelling around Europe. You can get to Zagreb by train and by flying into Zagreb Airport. We flew out of Zagreb Airport back to the UK.

How vegan-friendly is it? There were quite a few places with vegan options, even places that were not vegan or vegetarian. We didn't go to any vegetarian or vegan restaurants while we were there but we found vegan food to eat nonetheless. We wish we had more time there and a bigger budget because then we would have gone to more vegan places. 

An Example of Vegan Food Available: 

Wok Me: This place was a stall in a food court. They made customizable stirfries that were able to be made vegan. They offered tofu and rice noodles and teriyaki sauce. The stirfries we had were great.

Bonita: This was a small place where you go up to a window and order you food. There is outdoor seating with tables and chairs with unbrellas. We had their seitan sandwiches which cost the equivalent of £2 or $4 CAD and they were huge. We would go back here for sure.

Potato House: This place was great as well. They specialize in baked potatoes and they had a mixed vegetable topping and a chili topping, both of which were vegan. They always have one vegan topping available but it sounds like they switch up the flavour.

For more vegan options in Zagreb check out Happy Cow which has a comprehensive list of vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly places to eat. Happy Cow states that Zagreb has 3 fully vegan places and 5 vegetarian places. There is plenty of veg-friendly places as well.

Sight Seeing: Yes we enjoyed seeing Zagreb Cathedral, St. Mark's Cathedral, the pedestrian zone Tkalčićeva Street, Ban Jelačić Square and Zagreb Funicular. When visiting Zagreb be sure to check out Art Park and go through the tunnels (tunel Grič), and go to the Museum of Broken Relationships. We had fun finding the little parks hidden throughout the city. We found one park up high called Rokov Perivoj and got a great view. There was a chapel nearby called Sveti Rok. Check it out.

Where to stay: We were lucky enough to be able to stay with friends but as with most places there are lots of hotels, hostels and airbnbs available. Try to stay in the city centre as it will be more interesting for visitors and has all the old buildings we all love.

Check out Zagreb's city guide for more information on their tourism.

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Have you been to Zagreb before? What is your favourite thing to see?