Toronto, Take Me to Your Vegan Pizza!

Travel Diary:

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and since there are so many things to see there it to the top of our list of destinations to visit across Canada. We had heard so much about the city and all the vegan places that we were super excited to check it out. We hadn't eaten out in many vegan restaurants so far on our trip and if you know us then you know we like to blow all our money at vegan restaurants.

So far we were probably under budget on our trip because gas was cheaper than we expected across Canada and we mostly cooked our own food. Here we are at Toronto city hall.
First, we had to drive into Toronto. This was a bit intimidating since it is by far the biggest city that we've ever driven in. Driving on Vancouver Island is a piece of cake since there isn't a lot of people there. We made a stop in Mississauga and got a shot of the Toronto Skyline.
We had lined up a place to stay thanks to a vegan group on Facebook. The girl we stayed with was super busy with school but very nice and made us feel welcome.
She gave us a bunch of info on Toronto and riding the TTC Subway but we ended up driving into the city instead as it seemed easier. I think we worked it out to be cheaper to drive in and find parking. We got over any fear we had of driving in Toronto pretty quickly.

We had a list of vegan places we wanted to find and at the top of the list was Apiecalypse Now! a vegan pizza place. It's on Bloor Street near Christie Pits Park.

We found some parking down the street and walked down Bloor to Apiecalypse Now!
Holy Damn is this place ever the best. They have so much good stuff there and the pizza toppings are so creative. We did not know what to choose from so we got a few different pieces to share.
We got the Fat Mac, Pig Destroyer Destroyer, BBQ Buffalover, and the CHILI-MAC & CHARLIE!
Upstairs is a metal bar called FUBAR. I know there is no one in the picture but we were there a bit early for the bar to be full yet so I'm sure it gets packed later on in the night.
Anyway, we got to listen to some Danzig while we chowed down on some epic vegan pizza. The Fat Mac tastes like a big mac, the pig destroyer destroyer is a vegan meat lovers, the BBQ buffalover has the buffalo sauce and the chilli mac and Charlie is a pizza with chilli mac and cheese on it. It's all vegan folks. Nothing but plants here.
We asked the girl at the bar what to do and she gave us some options like a pinball machine bar nearby, some record stores and Kensington Market. We opted to walk over to Kensington Market.
It was a fair distance away but Toronto is all new to us so we enjoyed going through the neighbourhoods a lot. There is a lot of street art and stuff in Kensington Market so we made sure to get a bunch of pictures of what we saw.
Sometimes it seems like this blog turns into a graffiti blog but can you blame us for getting shots of this stuff.
Kensington Market is an artsy neighbourhood with lots of shops, restaurants, art spaces, and lots of people walking around.

You can pretty much smell the cannabis just looking at these pictures, right?

What's that there, plants growing out of a car? Oh, Kensington Market, you are a weird one.

We made the trek back to our car which was much further away than we remembered but that's okay and then we drove back to Etobicoke where our bed was. We do not end up staying out late when we travel.
When you are on a trip like this it seems difficult to stay out late. Maybe just us but we start to get tired from being out all day.

We rested we drove back into Toronto for day 2 and looked for somewhere to get a good vegan breakfast. We went with Kupfert and Kim which is a plant-based chain of restaurants in Toronto.
We had never heard of them. They had some very good stuff there like the green smoothies we went with. As much as we like vegan junk food you have to try to have a bit of balance. Why not a green smoothie to start the day.
We walked around in the rain for awhile. Good thing we brought the umbrella. Too bad we didn't have some fanny packs to complete the tacky tourist set.
We found city hall and a big Toronto sign to get a selfie with. You got to love the sign. This way there is no confusion on where we are when we look back years later. 
We walked around looking at more buildings and big city sights.
It looks like all the theatres are on this street. Yonge Street. It's supposed to be a really long street or something.

We went past the hockey hall of fame and some other stuff. We aren't huge sports fans so we didn't go inside but if you are super into hockey it's worth checking out.
Our time in Toronto was ultra foggy and flooded. There are some islands you can go to by ferry but they were closed because of the flooding.
See those steps. The water is not supposed to be that high. The steps aren't meant to go into the water.
Once we got close enough we were able to make out the CN Tower. It's a really tall building, maybe you've heard of it. If it wasn't so foggy then we might have been able to see Drake sitting on the top.
There was a brewery nearby called the Steam Whistle Brewery

There were also a bunch of trains and stuff to check out.

We walked past the Rogers Centre where the Toronto Blue Jays play. There were a surprising amount of Jay fans around considering they weren't playing that day. They must have shown up just to see Roger Centre of maybe people in Toronto, in general, wear a lot of Blue Jays gear.
There were some lines for something so our curiosity was peaked. As it turned out U2 was playing a show later that night. Spoiler alert, we did not go to the U2 concert.
By this time we were very hungry but it was a little bit of an odd time to be hungry. I think it was around 2pm or 3pm. Like we said before there are tons of vegan restaurants in Toronto but we had a few at the top of our list.
We had heard so much about this next place and we just had to go there and try it ourselves. The next place was Doomies!

It was very nondescript from the outside and walking along Queen St W seemed to be getting a bit sketchy until we got closer to Doomies.
Doomies was everything we had hoped it would be. There were only a handful of people there since we seem to eat at odd times but what are you going to do?
It's all vegan food a Doomies. I know, duh? We got a crispy chicken burger and ...
the vegan mac daddy which is an off-menu item that the kitchen is willing to make. It's a vegan big mac people. What a crazy couple days. A big mac tasting pizza and then a vegan big mac. This thing is huge, much bigger and better than a McDonalds Big Mac.
After eating we got some pictures downstairs near the bathroom. It sounds weird but if you go there you go to get some pictures here with all the vegan sidekick comics on the walls.

We stopped by the clothing store called The Imperative close by which is a vegan clothing store.
We just had a look around. We didn't really need anything at the moment clothing wise.

We were very close to being in a food coma from Doomies so we walked back to the car and made our way back to the temporary Etobicoke HQ for a nap.
We got all rested up for the rest of our journey across Canada. We figured that things went so well in Toronto that we might as well continue the road trip. In fact, we hit our second wind and were more stoked than ever to be on this road trip on doing what we were doing.

If you enjoyed this post on Toronto then you are going to LOVE what's coming up on our road trip across Canada. We have lots more to share from this adventure so stay tuned. Learn from our mistakes and maybe go on an even better Canadian road trip that makes us jealous. If we can do this then you can too.

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  1. We LOVE Doomies! Every time we go to LA we end up meeting up with two of our friends there. Glad you guys explored some of Toronto's vegan options, we had such a blast up there!

    1. Those burgers were so delicious! We hope to make it to LA to go to Doomies there as well!


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