Sarnia, Ontario With a Side of London!... London?!... London, Ontario That is!

Travel Diary

We hit a major milestone on our trip across Canada. We made it to Sarnia, Ontario where our friend lived which meant that we got to visit and also got a chance to stop the road trip madness for a bit. We were feeling a little exhausted and in need of some down time.
Sarnia, Ontario is known for its distinctive smell. I think we are going past a farm in this picture, not quite in Sarnia. Sarnia doesn't smell THAT bad. 
Vacations are meant to be relaxing but it felt like we made our way across Canada at breakneck speed. We couldn't help it though because we were gung-ho to make it across Canada and we wanted to get there before we lost our motivation.
We actually showed up at our friend's place a day early so she had to go to work while we were there. We hung out at the waterfront which was all brand new.
We saw all the flags of the Provinces and had to get a picture. There are 10 Provinces and 3 territories in Canada.

Later we went to get some fries. The big thing in Sarnia is these fry trucks that are everywhere. There is a lot of them under the Bluewater Bridge in nearby Point Edward. We got a family pack which was enough for all three of us.

We check that the fries were made with vegetable oil since some of the trucks use animal fat. Animal fat is something we'd like to avoid. Our fries we fantastic. Fries don't get much better than this and it was cheap for the family pack. I don't remember the cost but I remember it was very reasonable.

They have lots of salt, vinegar and ketchup to load up on.
The guy that was running the truck was kind of a dick to his employees so we were having a good time making fun of how unreasonable and rude he was being. Sometimes artists are unstable and crazy and these fries are a work of art so it's not surprising that a french fry artist would demand perfection from his employees. But seriously, dude needs to CHILL.

The waterfront area is really nice. That bridge goes over to the United States of America. U.S.A.! U.S.A.! That's how close we are to Michigan.

We got a selfie with our friend of course. She's our guide of all things Sarnia and Point Edward.

We went for a walk to the beach. Apparently, there are yoga classes hosted here regularly.
It was relaxing to be hanging out and going for walks and stuff rather than setting up camp, etc etc.
When we were imagining Ontario we weren't thinking beaches but there you go.

We hadn't seen our friend in about 7 years. Can you believe that? 7 years! Time really flies. We always said we'd visit. It's dangerous to invite us to come and visit because we will. Sometimes it takes awhile it seems. 

We did a whole lot of being lazy and watching Netflix. There was a pretty massive thunderstorm at night. The next day we drove to a wetland park to go for a hike.

It was really nice but then as we got deeper into the bush we were getting a bit surrounded by bugs. We cut the hike a little shorter than we were planning but still cool to see the birds and turtles in the water.
After our hike we went to a vegan restaurant called Greens. 
We shared some food because we are on a tight budget. It was delicious. Then it was back to our friends for more Netflix.
Then the next day we made our way to the closest big city which is London. Canada is not creative with its place names except for "Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!", "Punkeydoodles Corners", "Mosquito Grizzly Bears Head Lean Man", "Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump" and "Skookumchuk".

After a short but sweet walk, we drove into downtown London and went to Globally Local which is a vegan restaurant.  When you hear the name Globally Local what do you think of? We knew it was a vegan place so we were thinking that it fit a vegan restaurant with multicultural food choices maybe using local produce.
Nope. It's a vegan fast food restaurant with lots of burgers and breakfast sandwiches. It is like a vegan Burger King or McDonald's. We knew this already going in but we were just thinking about how misleading the name of this place is. I suppose the name isn't the most important part of the place though.
The food was great. We had the Big Mac looking burgers that were called something else but we all know what it is right? The fries we great too. For some reason, we went with whole wheat buns but probably should have got white for it to be more authentic.
After we went for a walk in the park to work off the junk food.
So much for that, because we had vegan smores when we got back to our friend's place! They were amazing. We were stoked!
That was pretty much it for our time in Sarnia. We had a great time and then as we were leaving our battery light came on again while we were driving down the highway. We pulled into a Canadian Tire and they were able to fix up Wanderlust Jimmy in a jiffy. We had time to walk around the mall get a short of a Joy Division Canada mash-up shirt and a nonsensical popcorn cut out board. Why?
Then our truck was repaired and we got back on the road ASAP.

If you liked this post then you will no doubt like the rest of our Canadian road.

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  1. Looks like it caters well to Vegans. I travel frequently with a friend who is vegan and its often really tough for her to get a decent meal

    1. Planning ahead can help. Tell her to use the Happy Cow app and website.

  2. Lol. When i hear about canada, i always think snow and miserable cold. This is totally different from what i expect! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Glad you got to see something unexpected. Luckily, the weather changes with the seasons so places that are covered in snow during the winter can get quite hot in the summer.

  3. This looks like another must-visit in Ontario. I've always wanted to visit Toronto but I see there are other cities that need to be explored. The harbor and the bridge looks like Sydney's! I had to LOL at that snippet you shared about the food truck guy!

    1. Lol. Yeah Toronto isn't the only place to see in Ontario. Glad you liked the post but we don't want to misrepresent Sarnia as a destination on it's own. It's more of a small town with some decent fry trucks that are worth checking out if you are passing through.

  4. Well deserved break! I've been following your road trip across Canada and even though it was really awesome, it must have been exhausting too!
    You had me laughing with the Canadian names, didn't know about that.. LOL. :D

    1. Yeah it was nice to have a break. Glad we made you laugh a little.

  5. I feel Canada has nothing else it has great names haha. Sanria seems nice and quaint. You pointed out some food options for everyone here especially with the fries. It is always nice to get away from the city and into a park even if just for a few hours.

  6. good job on making it across Canada and arriving a day early! Those fries look so good! I love food trucks! What a gorgeous place! We hope to do a Canada trip soon so this might have to be on ou list of places to stop by.

  7. I hope I get to do a road trip in Canada someday. There seems to be so many cities and national parks that are worth a visit. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  8. What a great stop in your road trip! Sorry the bugs cut your hike short. That can be a real problem in Canada, but the gorgeous scenery is worth it!

    1. Don't worry too much about the bugs. You just have to keep it in mind though when you plan activities.

  9. Haha! Yes, when I had heard about London for the first time, my reaction was just like London in Canada? :D Sarnia is beautiful and I loved reading your post. Thanks!

  10. There are so many great beaches in Ontario! lol
    Soon you'll be passing right by my neck of the woods, and there are a TON of amazing, vegan-friendly options around Toronto so make sure you don't bow on through

    1. Yeah we made it to Toronto and had such a blast there. There is so many great places to eat there and it's a fun city.


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