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Vegan Delights in Nanaimo BC, CANADA

Nanaimo is the second largest city on Vancouver Island. It is called the harbour city and has a number of excellent waterfront areas to visit. It's a city known for its coal mining history, its pulp mill and its overabundance of shopping. Nanaimo is a city that we both know like the back of our hands and we can share what the vegan options are in the city. First, we will go into the 100% vegan, then the vegetarian and then the non-vegan restaurants with good vegan options.

100% Vegan:

Power House Living FoodsIs a 100% vegan raw food restaurant. Serving delicious raw cakes and smoothies. They have pizza, burgers and more! Currently, they have two restaurants in Nanaimo, one in Victoria and are soon to open a location in Duncan! If it is healthy delicious food you are looking for head over to Power House!

Power up with spicy kelp noodle salad today. Fresh spinach, bell pepper, zucchini, cabbage, carrot & cilantro. Delicious mix! Always #healthy #raw #vegan #dairyfree #glutenfree.

Toronto, Take Me to Your Vegan Pizza!

Travel Diary:
Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and since there are so many things to see there it to the top of our list of destinations to visit across Canada. We had heard so much about the city and all the vegan places that we were super excited to check it out. We hadn't eaten out in many vegan restaurants so far on our trip and if you know us then you know we like to blow all our money at vegan restaurants.

So far we were probably under budget on our trip because gas was cheaper than we expected across Canada and we mostly cooked our own food. Here we are at Toronto city hall. First, we had to drive into Toronto. This was a bit intimidating since it is by far the biggest city that we've ever driven in. Driving on Vancouver Island is a piece of cake since there isn't a lot of people there. We made a stop in Mississauga and got a shot of the Toronto Skyline. We had lined up a place to stay thanks to a vegan group on Facebook. The girl we stayed with was super busy …