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We carried on our cross Canada Road trip leaving Wabagoon and driving towards Lake Superior. We've heard lots of fantastic things about Ontario and the Great Lakes so we were happy to see, at last, all the beautiful scenery that Ontario has to offer. There were a few bumps along the way but we did our best and still had an outstanding time.
Kakabeka Falls was an incredible sight to see. It's such a massive waterfall. In fact, it is the second largest waterfall in Ontario which is impressive as it is hard to match Niagara Falls in terms of size.
We viewed Kakabeka Falls from all angles and so did a few other sightseers while we were there at the provincial park.

This isn't just a highway picture. That is Mount McKay in the background. Which is a great view point of Thunder Bay if you get the chance. 

After checking out a few overpriced and unimpressive campgrounds we managed to find a good one, the Chippewa Park Campground.
We made sure to look out for ticks again. This campground had excellent facilities and was pretty nice overall. The only problems we had was that the guy next to us was a tad creepy and the campground was loud for a variety of reasons. There were people snoring, RVs with generators, howling wind and a lot of loud birds squawking. Yes, mother nature can be pretty loud too.
We don't want this to seem as if we are just constantly complaining but at the same time, we have to keep it honest. Don't expect to go camping and get nothing but peace and quiet is all we're saying.
Back on the road we carried on and saw Mount McKay a little closer.

We drove to the top to check out the viewing area but it cost $5 and it was cash only. We didn't bring any cash. Typical millennials, not bringing cash. I don't remember if that was $5 each or just to park but it seemed kind of steep. Mount McKay is on the Fort William First Nation Reserve so I guess it's a good way for the reservation to make some extra money.
Bring some cash if you go to Mount McKay. It's supposed to be a magnificent view. There didn't seem to be a lot else happening in Thunder Bay so we carried on our way.
On the way out of Thunder Bay, we stopped at the Terry Fox Memorial.
Terry Fox is famous for his marathon of hope which was meant to raise awareness of those with cancer. He was an athlete that lost his leg to cancer and he decided to run across Canada starting in St John's Newfoundland.

He ran for 143 days doing a marathon each day and he made it as far as Thunder Bay before he was forced to stop because his cancer had spread. Can you imagine running 143 consecutive marathons? Anyway, Terry Fox is celebrated in Canada for his marathon of hope.

We made sure to keep an eye on the location of the tick bite that I got in Wabagoon in case a bullseye looking rash developed as that is a sign of Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is something you don't want to get. The authorities also advise you look out for flu like symptoms as well.
So far no signs of Lyme Disease.

Along the highway at rest areas, there are often places to have a picnic and find tourist information. Some even have places to stick your head and take a ridiculous picture.

The view along the highway is incredible. The lake is fantastic.
There really is a lot of natural beauty in Ontario with the lakes and the trees all over. There is a real sense of being in the wilderness even though we are on this major highway. There weren't that many cars really, it seems like there are quite a few semi trucks though.
We were surprised how many people we would see biking out in the middle of nowhere.
Can you see the biker?

Also, there was quite a bit of construction on the highway, even in the middle of nowhere.
It felt like we had to descend a mountain but we made it to our campground at Penn Park in Marathon Ontario. We had tried Sleeping Giant Provincial Park which was too expensive and Nipigon which had campsites at the beach with no outhouses. We decided to try out luck and keep going which lead us to Penn Park.
It turned out to be a nice place. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate and we got pretty soaked. It rained in the morning too so we had to put the tent away in the pouring rain. All our stuff was wet.

Back on the road, we stopped at the hometown of Winnie the Pooh. Not the fictional character's hometown but the home of the real bear that went on to live in the London Zoo and inspire the books. The town is called White River.This is pretty much all there is to this town. I'm sure lots of tourists stop by passing through.

Next on our Northern Ontario roadsides attractions tour was the giant goose in Wawa. What a huge goose! We tried finding a motel to stay in but everything was booked up in Wawa because of all the construction workers working on the highway nearby.

We decided to just keep on going and made sure to see some fantastic sights along the way like Old Woman Bay for example.
What a beauty.

When we stopped for gas we saw a shiny gold SUV. It's hard to tell by the photo but it almost looked like it was gold plated or something. Definitely not actually gold plated. Can you imagine was a waste of money that would be? Regardless, a Northern Ontario highway does not seem like a good place for a car like that.
After what felt like an epic drive, we made it to Blue Berry Hill Campground just outside of Sault Ste Marie. We were looking for a motel, being so tired from the consecutive terrible night's sleep we were getting, but the problem was that we had a soaking wet tent that needed to dry out. We needed a campsite in order to dry out the tent.
We got the tent drying out and slept in the SUV for the night. Our sleep wasn't too bad but there were a lot of bugs bothering us still.

In Sault Ste Marie, the next day, I became increasingly worried that I was experiencing side effects from my tick bite and that I should see a doctor. I didn't end up going but we decided that we both needed a break from camping outside to get a good nights sleep free from bugs, the noise and the rain.

It was a little like admitting defeat but it also felt so awesome to get a hotel room and relax for the first time in what felt like a long time.

We were able to get food close by and eat in the hotel room rather than going to a restaurant. Also, breakfast was included. It was much more expensive than a campsite but after getting a good night's sleep it became apparent that my problem wasn't Lyme Disease just your run of the mill exhaustion from the road.
This is a picture of me stoked about not having to live outside for a night. We stayed at the Microtel in Sault Ste Marie.
Even with the lack of sleep and the bumps along the way, we still were enjoying being on the road, seeing nature and exploring places we'd never been before. Road trips are incredible and the feeling of freedom is unrivalled. If you enjoyed this post then you'll enjoy hearing more about our cross Canada road trip during Canada 150.

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  1. Did a big Northern Ontario road trip myself this summer and hit up these awesome stops and more! Hope you had a great time in Ontario!


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