Friendly Manitoba: Winnipeg

Travel Diary

We made it to Manitoba and it seemed like the landscape changed suddenly from the flat prairie of Saskatchewan to more rolling hills and trees.
One of the places we found on the app RV Parky was a free campsite in Russell Manitoba. It was right in the middle of Russell which is a very small town.

Not bad at all for a free camp site. There were bathrooms and electrical outlets too. We charged our phones. Most of the time we choose to get the campsites that don't have electricity since they are cheaper but this one was free! There were a few stores around too if you need to buy anything. There was a grocery store, a discount store, a video store with lots of stuff and a gas station.
The next morning we got back on the road. We stopped at Tim Hortons in the morning for coffee and to find wifi.
Our plan was to make it to Winnipeg. We made sure to stop at Riding Mountain National Park on the way since we are trying to see all of the National Parks we can.

After exploring Riding Mountain we continued east.
We wanted to stop for some food in Winnipeg. We looked on the website Happy Cow for what the vegan food options are in Winnipeg.
We decided on a place that sounded really great called Boon Burger that serves vegan burgers and sandwiches. They have vegan poutine too. And vegan soft serve ice cream.

You have to go up to the counter and order and instead of a number they gave us this pig.
We got a buffalo chicken burger and a chicken caesar wrap. All vegan obviously.
They both tasted great. There are all sorts of sides available too. You can even turn your side of fries into a poutine.
Hurray for not having to make our dinner on a butane stove. A little break from the baked beans and rice.
We drove towards The Forks National Historic Site. It's the spot where two rivers meet and there is lots of stuff down by the river.
We managed to get parking down near the water. It was all free because it was Saturday.
We parked near the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.
The train station was close by. This is one of the stops you make if you take the train from Vancouver to Toronto. There is a big food market that has lots of stuff. It looked like there were vegan options too but we had just eaten not long ago.
We were walking around trying to find The Forks since we were told that was the thing to see in Winnipeg.
The problem was that we weren't exactly sure what the Forks were. We weren't sure what we were looking for. Eventually, we realised that there was nothing to look for since we were at the Forks National Historic site.

There were quite a few Canada Geese hanging out near the water. These ones had babies as well.

We took a few more pictures but we were starting to run out of time since we needed to find a place to stay. Staying in Winnipeg was probably the most expensive option so we decided to leave town and get a campsite somewhere.
There were many cool sculptures down at the Forks.

This weird looking building is the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. We parked close by. If we had more time then it is probably an interesting museum to check out.
We got back on the road and tried our best to find a good campsite. We had a little bit of trouble so we stopped at a gas station and asked a group of people where there was camping in the area. We were planning on just asking an attendant behind the counter but it turned into a conversation with everyone in the gas station store giving us advice. Manitoba really is friendly. One guy offered for us to stay at his house on his futon if we wanted. We didn't know what to think of that. Maybe he was just being nice but he seemed a little strange.

We got some directions to a campsite, called ahead and made it there just as it was getting dark out. We aren't sure what is going on with the roads in Manitoba but the Manitoba Highway we drove on had so many potholes it was ridiculous. The speed limit said 80km/h but the pot holes were so bad we had to keep swerving or stopping and finally, we had to slow down to 40km/h in order to drive over the potholes safely. Hey Manitoba, got potholes much?
Seriously, fix them potholes guys.
The bugs are really bad in Manitoba or they were at this time in the season at least. Apparently, they start off really bad and then get a bit better as time goes on. We got a ton of mosquito bites as we were setting up camp.
It was fun visiting Manitoba but we woke up with so many bug bites that we figured we'd try to make it to Ontario and take our chances with the bugs there. Little did we know what was yet to come.