Forests, Waterfalls and Tick Bites in Northern Ontario

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We decided to accept defeat and leave Manitoba asap as we just didn't feel like putting up with the bugs anymore. Sadly we were getting eaten alive in Manitoba and didn't feel like camping there anymore. Manitoba is a beautiful looking province but we decided to take our chance in Ontario and see if the bug situation would improve. To be fair we hadn't heard good things about the bugs in Northern Ontario either.
We were very excited to be in Ontario and the scenery seemed to change immediately from the prairie of Manitoba to the forest and the lakes of Ontario.

The lake was really nice and there was a cool breeze so we were the most comfortable we had been in what seemed like forever.
 We stopped at the visitor's centre and got some information about the area.
Then we hung out just outside the visitor's centre and enjoyed the sunshine. There was a breeze and lack of bugs which we were enjoying a lot. Something about being outside in the sunshine and not getting bitten by mosquitos and black flies made us immediately like Ontario.
After chilling in the sun we got back on the road to get further east.
We were driving for awhile and had stopped to get gas. We had been stopping at different RV parks and campsites to find a good place to stop. All of them were super expensive compared to what we had been paying so far on the trip. Ontario is expensive. All the campsites were $35-$40 for unserviced tent sites.
Out of nowhere is started pouring rain like crazy. We didn't get any pictures of the worst of it but it was so bad that the windshield wipers were not moving fast enough for us to see so we ended up pulling over to the side of the road for it to die down a bit. There were semi trucks tailgating us the whole way so pulling over allowed us to get rid of those guys.

We ended up pulling into the next RV park we found which was in Wabigoon. We stopped at Wabigoon Lake RV park. It was $26 plus tax making it $29 which was a steal compared to all the other camp sites. There were showers, a book exchange, wifi and laundry.
The camp site was right near the highway but it wasn't noisy or anything. 
It was pretty nice and the lake was cool but didn't look like a lake you'd swim in. There were dragonflies everywhere. The guy that ran the RV park said that the dragonflies eat the mosquitos so ideally, you want to have a swarm of dragonflies around you at all times. Maybe this is why the mosquitoes didn't seem to bad in Ontario so far.
We got set up for dinner, did some blogging using the wifi in the lounge area, and then set up the truck to sleep in. It looked like it would rain again so we decided against using the tent. 
The tourist info centre had a pamphlet warning about ticks so as we were going to bed we joked about checking for ticks. As it turned out one of us did have a tick! It was barely attached but we carefully removed it with tweezers as close to the mouth as possible. You are supposed to save them and send them to the local health authority to check for Lyme disease but we didn't know that. The warnings say to watch out for a bull's eye rash and flu-like symptoms as these could indicate you have Lyme disease. 

This possibility of Lyme disease made it a little difficult to relax for awhile. We both didn't really get a good nights sleep. The moral of the story is don't go down to a lake with tall grass wearing shorts, sandals and no bug spray. Also, always check for ticks when camping. These are some of the ups and downs of being on a road trip and camping. We tried not to let it ruin our fun.
Getting back on the road we were getting to know why people say that the highway in Ontario is never ending. It's beautiful forest but it seems to go on forever. We stopped and had some peanut butter and pickle sandwiches at one point. It's something we've heard about but never tried before. There were not too bad but I bet we won't make them again.
One of the most amazing places that we stopped was Kakabeka Falls. It is an Ontario provincial park. You can camp there too if you want. The waterfall there is the second biggest in Ontario after Niagara Falls of course.
It was an incredible sight. There is something about waterfalls that makes them hard to resist stopping and checking them out. We walked around for quite some time trying to see the falls from all angles.
There were a lot of tourists around and we had fun looking at all the license plates of the cars in the parking lot to see where everyone had come from. There were people from all over Canada and the US checking out the falls. Most of them were Manitoba, Ontario, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Here we are checking out a waterfall that we had never heard of before.
You find all sorts of places to see on a road trip that you wouldn't otherwise see. There aren't any major cities around so this is a place you wouldn't see if we had done a backpacking trip across Canada like we had considered.
Stopping at a place like this definitely, makes you feel more refreshed and ready to get back on the road to do more driving.
Remember to check out Kakabeka Falls when visiting Ontario.

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  1. I so feel your dilemma. Dealing with the elements on its own can be tough, but bugs can be your worst nightmare! This is one of the reasons why I am not too keen on camping! LOL

    1. But then when you are done the trip you feel like you accomplished something. Camping is a different kind of fun, the fun of problem solving and roughing it.

  2. Canada is a very scenic country with lots to offer the tourist. I would never have thought there would be bugs there, particularly ticks! I have only ever travelled to Canada in Winter or Spring, so probably won't plan on visiting in Summer.

    1. Canada is a huge country with many different environments so don't right off going to Canada in the summer. It's not all bug infested.

  3. Ugh, bugs are no joke! I'm glad you were able to find a reprieve in Ontario. Your video was fun to watch and hear just how windy it is in Ontario. I've only been to Vancouver before, so it's always fun to see more of Canada!

  4. Glad to hear that you still enjoyed your road trip despite the bug problem and the heavy rains... We've never tried road trips like this before so reading your post definitely gave me an idea on what to expect :) Admittedly, finding hidden gems are some of the highlights of any road trip and Kakabeka Falls is a proof of that! :)

    1. We are definitely able to look back and laugh now at the challenges but honestly the road trip was one of the best things we've ever done.

  5. It was nice to know that those unwanted visitors didn’t dampen your mood in to moving forward with your trip. You’re right, there is just something about waterfalls that you can’t help but to be amazed.

  6. You've finally made it to my home province! Make sure to connect if you make it to Southern ON. Loved reading about your Northern ON adventure. I've yet to visit that far north, but hear nothing but amazing things. So glad you found the tick before falling asleep though!!

    1. We were lucky to find the tick hours after getting him! All is well. It has been 4 months and still in the clear! Ontario is such a beautiful place.


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