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In luck at Bruce Peninsula National Park: Chi-Cheemaun ferry, national park and wedding day rainstorm.

Travel Diary
We left Sault Ste Marie after a refreshing stay at a hotel which was much needed. Our goal was to get to our friend's house in Sarnia. It had already seemed like we had driven very far on this road trip and given how much was left to go we were starting to wonder if this was a crazy idea, this whole driving across Canada idea. Nevertheless, we had a goal and we decided to just focus on getting to Sarnia and maybe Toronto.
We drove to Manitoulin Island because one of the things we were really looking forward to doing was riding the Chi Cheemaun Ferry across Lake Huron to Tobermory/Bruce Peninsula. There was a National Park at Bruce Peninsula that we were hoping to check out as well. You would have thought that a couple of Vancouver Islanders would be pretty sick of riding ferries but this one felt different. The scenery was different and we were very much looking forward to this boat ride. It didn't even save us time on our journey. It was the slower route but it m…