Vegan Guide to Munich, Germany

Munich is the capital of the German state of Bavaria. There is a good number of vegan places to eat in Munich which is part of what made us want to go. The city is probably best known for Oktoberfest a big beer festival that has been going on every year since the middle ages. You don't have to go during Oktoberfest for a worthwhile visit as there is always something to do.

Why You Should Go: Munich is a beautiful city with fantastic architecture all around. It's easy to get around using public transportation there. It's unique in that there isn't that many tall buildings. This is part of why it is known as being a huge village. We enjoyed looking at the different parts of town, seeing the olympic area, and visiting all the great restaurants.

Getting to Munich: We got to Munich by bus from Salzburg Austria but there are easier ways to get there. You can fly to the Munich airport which is a major international airport or take a bus or train from other parts of Europe.

How vegan friendly is it? Of course Bavarian food is known for being meat and cheese heavy stuff but despite all that we found lots of vegan options everywhere. Even if you go to a meat and dairy heavy city chances are there is a vegan scene as well these days. When we were there our friend  thatcrazybananalady showed us around and brought us to some of her favourite vegan places to eat.

An Example of Vegan Food Available: 

Frisch Futter: This is a little restaurant that has a few different bowls. This is The Cococurry bowl.  There coffee, tea and some desserts as well.

Basic Health Food: This is a grocery store that has some vegan options in their deli area. We got some sandwiches there that we pretty good. They also have some vegan treats.

Royal-Kebabhaus: Our friend made sure to show us this place which has vegan seitan doner kebab. It was really tasty and very reasonable priced. You can get it in a wrap or a pita. Either way it is worth is and the sauces are excellent.

Lost Weekend: This is a great coffee shop to sit, read or work on your laptop. It has a lot of vegan treats such as this croissant. It was delicious and hard to resist. The coffee and tea was great as well. 

Bodhi: This was definitely our favourite place we ate in Munich and probably one of the best  vegan restaurants we've eaten in period. It was delicious and great getting tradition German food made vegan. If you only go to one restaurant in Munich make sure to go to Bodhi. The menu is incredible and the food hits the spot.

For more vegan options in Munich check out Happy Cow which has a comprehensive list of vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly places to eat. Happy Cow states that Munich has 12 fully vegan places. 

Sight Seeing There are a lot of sights that make a trip to Munich well worth it. You have to see New Town Hall, Odeonsplatz, Old Townhall, Rathaus-Glockenspiel and go to the top of Olympiaturm. If you have more time then head to Neuschwanstein Castle. We didn't go but a lot of tourists love seeing it.  There is even a BMW museum if that's your thing.

Where to stay: We stayed with our friend when visiting Munich but there is lots of hotels to stay at in the city. You could even get an airbnb or something like that.

Check out Munich's city guide for more information on their tourism.

Have you been to Munich before? What is your favourite thing to see? Have you ever been on a tour?