Saskatchewan: Land of the Living Skies

Travel Diary

After a relaxing couple of days in Edmonton, Alberta at my cousins house, we continued east. We went through Lloydminster which is the only Canadian city on a provincial border.
Neither of us had ever been to Saskatchewan before. Technically one of us was on a cross Canada train that went through Saskatchewan during the wee hours of the morning but that hardly counts.

All we had really heard about Saskatchewan is that it is really flat. 
As it turns out Saskatchewan is indeed quite flat. Growing up in BC we are surrounded by mountains so being in the prairies is a novelty. This is what we came to see folks. We came to see the flat land and Sky.
It's amazing how the flat land brings the sky to the forefront in the scenery. Our drive was rudely interrupted by a couple of moose crossing the road. If driving in Saskatchewan on a long straight stretch puts you into a trace then seeing a couple moose start crossing the road snaps you out of that trance quite fast.
We made a stop at Fort Battleford which is a National Historic Site. It was just about to close when we got there. It was almost 4:00. We really wanted to get pictures and see the fort so even though the visitors centre was closing we walked close to the fort.
The workers said it was okay to look around for 10 minutes or so. They were really nice about it.
The inside had some teepees and buildings to check out.
The famous red chairs were there too.
There let us see the inside of the buildings. They practically insisted we see the insides even though they had already locked up. 
Here are the nice workers dressed up in period costume.
Here we are just chillin' in the red chairs. We didn't really have time to chill since we were keeping all the workers waiting. They didn't seem to mind at all.
We got back on the road and made it to Saskatoon.
We camped at Gordon Howe Campground named after the famous Detroit Redwings hockey player Gordy Howe. After setting up camping we took a little stroll around the neighbourhood. (The campsite was COVERED in caterpillars.) 
We were right near the river again. The streets nearby were great for a walk.
In the morning we met up with a friend we haven't seen for a long time. We went to Karma Cafe in downtown Saskatoon. 
We got a wrap and some soup. They made their wraps there out of naan bread. The naan was vegan too. Sometimes it isn't.
After a nice very it was back on the road again.
We came across quite a bit of flooding. We were doing our best to avoid flooding on our drive across Canada.
It was hard to tell if it looked like this normally or if it was flooding.
There were sandbags though so it made us think that the water level is a bit higher than normal.

We left Saskatchewan and headed to Manitoba. 

Then we left Minnisota and made our way back up to Saskatchewan. On our way back through we stopped in Estevan which had some really neat looking rolling hills. Oh and they had a lovely place to sleep. 

We slept in the Wal-Mart parking lot which was very nice.
We were on our way back west and really enjoying the easy flat Saskatchewan driving as well as the cheap gas. Not as cheap as the USA but cheap for Canada.
We drove by the set of Corner Gas which is an old TV show that was on CTV. It is set in the middle of nowhere is Saskatchewan. (It isn't actually there anymore, just a board telling you it was)
We stopped by Moose Jaw and filled up the gas tank. There were quite a few motorcycle club members around for some reason.

We went past this lake that looked like it had snow because of all the salt.
It was definitely not snow as it was super hot outside. We either had the windows down or the A/C cranked.
That is another lake. It's so flat that you can barely tell.

We've been driving for so long but it is something we really enjoy as you can tell by our positive faces. 
We really like the flatness of Saskatchewan. It is fun to see.
When we drove through Saskatchewan going east towards Nova Scotia there were caterpillars everywhere. Now on the way back West there are butterflies. Unfortunately a lot of them exploded on our windshield like this.
That's all for the Land of the Living Skies. If you liked this post then stay tuned for more on our cross Canada road trip. We made our way back in Alberta.


  1. Ooo I always love checking out historic sites. I enjoyed looking at your photos! I've never been here before.

    1. It was pretty cool exploring the historic sites throughout Canada. We learned a lot.

  2. This is an interesting look at road trips with different scenery. Thank you for taking us with you. This actually inspired me to create a similar post.

  3. Saskatchewan looks and sounds like an amazing place to visit! I hope to get up to Canada with my family sometime soon.

    1. Canada is full of so much different scenery, it is amazing.

  4. Saskatchewan seems like a great destination. Thanks for the motivating post! How many days would you recommend staying there?

    1. We stayed a total of 3 days, but you can definitely spend a whole month there.

  5. I've never been to Canada... Let alone Saskatchewan. It looks so gorgeous though. That Naan looks so yummy! I want some!

  6. It sounds like you both had a fabulous time indeed. I would love to do a trip like this some day. Thanks for sharing the information and the amazing photos.

  7. That place looks very nice. I'v never heard about it before but your pictures are really good and make me to want to go there.

    1. Saskatchewan is a province in Western/Central Canada. Very flat and very beautiful.

  8. What a beautiful place! Saskatchewan seems like a great place to visit! I have never heard of it before, but your pictures have definitely spiked my interest! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Saskatchewan is a province in Canada! It is a wonderful place to visit.


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