How to Plan a LONG Road Trip

So you're planning on going on a road trip for a month or a few? You may be asking yourself how you can possibly plan for an extended road trip. You don't want to forget anything, you want to have some sort of plan, and you also want to keep things spontaneous. Here's a guide to get you started based on our experience on our cross Canada road trip.

  • Finding Accommodation

  • Create a Unique Experience
    • Make a quick outline of the trip.
    • Use Google maps to mark places of interest.
    • Sometimes it is good to plan as you go to keep it spontaneous.
    • Stop at Visitor centres for guides and ideas
    • Talk to locals, find out where the hot spots are.
    • Avoid going to too many tourist traps. 

  • Be Prepared
    • Ultimate Packing List
    • Make sure to have your vehicle serviced before you go. 
    • Know how long you want to be gone for.
    • Have an emergency fund.
  • Have Fun!
    • Don't sweat the small stuff
    • Go with the flow!
Now that you've got some ideas on what you need to plan for, you can set about planning your road trip and make the most of your holiday. See our post How to Budget for a Long Road Trip Across Canada to get yourselves started!

Road trips are a fun way to travel and having a bit of a plan allows you to get the most out of your trip and focus on the things that you enjoy. Have fun road tripping!


  1. Great tips. I went ahead an pinned for my next road trip. Not too found of them, but your article gives me hope to do it again. Nice to let loose and go! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Awesome! We hope you have a fantastic trip!! Remember to just have fun!


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