From Chemainus and Duncan to the Abyss

Travel Diary

Now that we are back on the island, we have time to explore some more of its beauty. As one of us was able to land a job starting the day after we got back, the other has a little time on her hands. Which means, Mother Daughter Exploring Days!

We headed south on the island to Chemainus, BC. Chemainus is known for their world famous murals. They have a lot of beautiful art work. 

Play the video to see a slide show of all the amazing murals from around Chemainus:
We wandered around the town, and we even stopped in their health food store. Us vegans are always on the look out for delicious food. We found a vegan caesar salad dressing that is made in the Okanagan. It is by far the best dressing and is made by Little Creek. 

We continued on our walk through the town (Caesar dressing in hand) to check out the rest of the murals.

Some of them are very beautifully done, and you can even follow these little yellow feet around the town. They will bring you to all of the murals.
We started heading towards the old town, but unfortunately with the heat and smoke, we didn't go any further. 
This old man is my favourite mural, there is just so much detail. It also turns out that he is the first man born in Chemainus to European ancestry.

We turned around and headed back toward the car.
We were able to do a large loop, so the walk back to the car was different. Can you believe some of these murals? They are just amazing. 

There is just heaps of beauty in Chemainus, it is worth a trip.
There is even a really old tree stump to check out! :P

We couldn't really tour parts of Canada without stopping and being a Mountie! 
We left Chemainus and continued on our way to Duncan. One of my most favourite vegetarian cafes on the island is the Duncan Garage. They also have a huge used book store. 
We ordered the vegan wraps, iced tea, brownie for dessert and got 4 'sausage' rolls for takeaway.

The wrap was very filling. 

We always try and make a point to stop at Duncan Garage for a snack on our way from Victoria BC. After lunch we drove to the south side of Duncan to the Old Farmers Market. They have the most delicious produce. They have the best prices on the island and they have a lot of local and organic produce to choose from. We can easily spend $30 here and come away with a large box of goodies.
We headed home after a lovely day out exploring the island.
The next day we decided we would go and find the Abyss, which is in the south end of Nanaimo BC. I had been before, so I thought I would be able to find it and bring mom there.. Piece of cake.
hmm, is it up this hill?
How about this one? Nope! 
Eventually we found the trail, but it was closed due to being a high fire hazard!

At least we know where it is for next time! 

(Here's a picture of the Abyss from my previous trip, It is a giant crack in the ground. Watch out, don't fall in, it is along way down!)
After a couple hours of hiking, we were quite hungry. We stopped at Tomo Sushi for some lunch! If you get the Agedashi Tofu - Ask for no fish flakes S.V.P.!
We ran some other errands and then headed home. I had a very enjoyable couple of days with my mom.

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  1. I just love reading about mom and daughter bondings like this. Your mom is super cool for accompanying you, with all the hiking and walking that you did! .. :) I'm intrigued with the Abyss though.. I actually went ahead and done a quick researched. haha.. Anyways, glad you had fun!

  2. This is such a nice travel diary. I like that is very easy to read with the photos inserted at each paragraph. And traveling from Chemainus to Abyss has definitely offered you lots of reasons to write.

  3. One of my favorite things to do is go to different cities and check out the murals there. I recommend you go to Brooklyn!

  4. That's a pretty and quiet town. We love places like these; they make you forget about the chaos of the city. That hiking trail seems interesting although we dread at the thought of it being vulnerable to bushfire. Probably best to hike there during autumn or rainy season.

    1. Haven't had any forest fires there recently but there has been a lot of fires in British Columbia this year.

  5. Wow, i never knew about the Abyss before ... i'll definitely need to check it out the next time i'm on the Island!

  6. This looks like such a beautiful place! I love murals and I often go see them if I here the place I'm visiting has some. Sorry to hear that the trail was closed, at least you got some hiking done.

  7. Thank you sharing such a unique adventure. We enjoyed visiting Victoria and Vancouver and what it offered. The murals compare to Rio port district Brazil murals, titled Las Etnias (The Ethnicities) we visited after the Rio Olympics. The Abyss is a stop we have bookmarked for our next trek into Canada. Unbelievable how the Abyss is so accessible to the public. Again thanks for your great photography and sharing your adventures.

    1. Yeah I mean don't go out of your way to see the Abyss. It's cool but I don't want to build it up and you be disappointed after travelling far to see it. You can see in the picture that it's just a crack.

  8. Wait BC as in British Columbia!? What!??!?! I've lived in Vancouver for years and can't believe I've never even heard about Chemainus! I must've been living under the biggest rock ever hahaa. And I love murals too so I'll definitely have to hit this place up!

    1. Chemainus is a tiny town so it's not surprising you haven't heard of it. Besides, I don't think people from the mainland explore Vancouver Island that much aside from maybe Victoria.


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