Banff National Park, Alberta

Travel Diary

Our drive led us through Yoho National Park into Banff National Park. If you ever get a chance to do this drive, we highly suggest it. Yes, there are a lot of winding roads up large snowy mountains and back down, but the scenery is breath taking.
We arrived at Lake Louise, one of the biggest tourist spots in Canada. It was so full of tourists, that they had to open up the second parking lot. We even got to walk along some icy snow to get to the lake.

What a spectacular view. 

As you can see, there is a lot of people around. A lot of the campsites near by were all booked up too. 

We spent some time taking our photos and placing ourselves in just the right spot to make it look like nobody else was there. 

We went to the visitor centre as well. We wanted to get all the information we needed for the area and to map out our route. We had originally planned to go through Banff and onto Calgary. The lady we spoke to said that the drive north to the Saskatchewan crossing was too beautiful to pass up. We took her word for it and headed in that direction.
After some tourist pictures of course. 
And we can't forget to get Wanderlust Jimmy in some pictures! Stay tuned for our Wanderlust Jimmy photo series. 
After a quick bite to eat, we headed north.

Wow.. just amazing.

We think that Wanderlust Jimmy fits right in!
The drive just kept getting more beautiful. 
We made sure to stop at Bow Lake for some pictures.
Can somebody pinch me? This view is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life. It is just perfect. 
After lingering a little too long at the most beautiful lake in the world, we headed the rest of the way out of the park.
We managed to see a few more amazing lakes and mountains before heading on the Rocky Mountain House.

We made it to camp before the huge thunder and lightning storm started.

See Rocky Mountain House Historical Park for more of our road trip.