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Riding Mountain National Park, Manitobia

Travel Diary

Cruising through the prairies we made it to Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba. There are so many great national parks in Canada and this one was great. It looks different than you'd expect from a park in Manitoba because there is a lot of trees. We went from flat prairies to being in the park surrounded by forest. 
In the park, of course, we found more of the Parks Canada red chairs for our photo collection.

The camp had a campground and the oTentiks as well. We were only visiting the park for the day as we were looking to carry on our road trip. One great thing about the park was the nice beach. There were plenty of people out enjoying the beach for the day swimming, playing beach volleyball, and hanging out in the nice weather.
There was a sort of pier/boardwalk/dock area that we walked out on. It was really windy.
There were more red chairs for our photo collection. It felt like we were going to blow away. You can see how windy it was by the waves on the la…

From Chemainus and Duncan to the Abyss

Travel Diary
Now that we are back on the island, we have time to explore some more of its beauty. As one of us was able to land a job starting the day after we got back, the other has a little time on her hands. Which means, Mother Daughter Exploring Days!
We headed south on the island to Chemainus, BC. Chemainus is known for their world famous murals. They have a lot of beautiful art work. 
Play the video to see a slide show of all the amazing murals from around Chemainus: We wandered around the town, and we even stopped in their health food store. Us vegans are always on the look out for delicious food. We found a vegan caesar salad dressing that is made in the Okanagan. It is by far the best dressing and is made by Little Creek.
We continued on our walk through the town (Caesar dressing in hand) to check out the rest of the murals.
Some of them are very beautifully done, and you can even follow these little yellow feet around the town. They will bring you to all of the murals. We st…