Vegan Guide to Nottingham, England

Nottingham is a city in the East Midlands of England that is best know for the legend of Robin Hood. Nottingham was one of our favourite English cities and we went there three times during our time living in the UK. Aside from the Robin Hood legend we like the city for it's greenery and all the great attractions there. Do you like Robin Hood, Batman, Video Games, Board Games and Vegan Burger's? Then you will enjoy Nottingham.

Why You Should Go: Nottingham is a smaller city but has a lot of character. There is a lot of greenery around the city. The streets have a lot of charm. If you are an ice hockey fan then they have a hockey team to check out which is a little bit of a oddity in England. There is great vegan food, there is cool museums and the have great parks as well.

Nottingham is worth a visit for the multi level video game museum called the National Video Game Arcade. They have every video game system you can imagine and your are free to play them all when you pay admission. Another highlight is Wollaton Hall which is the mansion used as Wayne Manor for the Christian Bale Batman films. There is also plenty else to see including Nottingham Castle which is a mansion with an art gallery inside and there are underground caves that you can go on tours of.

Getting to Nottingham: To get to Nottingham you can bus or train. It was pretty easy for us to get to Nottingham from Birmingham UK where we were living at the time. It was about an hour train ride. You could even stop by Nottingham on the way North of South in England.

How vegan friendly is it? We found that there were quite a few places to get vegan food in Nottingham especially for a city on the smaller side. We didn't even get a chance to check out all of the vegan places there was available in Nottingham on our visits. 

An Example of Vegan Food Available: 

Annie's Burger Shack: This burger place is not a vegan place but we decided to include it because incredibly every single burger on the menu can be made completely vegan. There are tons of different burgers on the menu and all of them can be made vegan. All the ones we tried were delicious and to top it off they have curly fries!

The Dice Cup: This is a board game store that has an area to play board games with your friends. They have basically every board game you can imagine there. To top it off they have food at the front like cake and other goodies and it is all vegan.

The Peacock: Unfortunately we never got a chance to go to this pub. It is a traditional English but all of the food is vegan. Some of the alcohol there might not be vegan according to Happy Cow. We've heard that it is a great pub so hopefully we get to check it out next time we stop by Nottingham.

For more vegan options in Nottingham check out Happy Cow which has a comprehensive list of vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly places to eat. Happy Cow states that Nottingham has 3 fully vegan places. 

Sight Seeing There are many sights that make a trip to Nottingham worth it. We you visit you have to see Nottingham Castle, the caves, Wollaton Hall, Garden and Deer Park to see Batman's house (they used Wollaton Hall for the Christian Bale Batman films), The National Video Game Arcade, and check out the oldest Inn in England the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. During their season you could go see the Nottingham Panther's Hockey Team. There are also lots of signs around the city telling all about the Robin Hood legend for which the city is famous.

Where to stay: We have never actually stayed in Nottingham overnight since it was not far from where we lived in Birmingham. It seemed as though there is many options for hotels in the area so accommodation shouldn't be too hard to find.

Check out Nottingham's city guide for more information on their tourism.

Have you been to Nottingham before? What is your favourite thing to see?