Ultimate Vegan Guide to Victoria, BC CANADA

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, the most western province of Canada. It is located on the southern end of Vancouver Island. Victoria is a great city which is lucky enough to have some of the best weather in Canada. The winters are mild and the summers are a comfortable temperature as well. Victoria is the biggest city on Vancouver Island. The Greater Victoria area has a population of about 344000 so a fair size but not as large as Vancouver.

Why You Should Go:

There are plenty of cool areas to visit in Victoria such as Fernwood, James Bay, Cook Street Village, Oak Bay and the Downtown. The downtown area has many great shops, restaurants and sights to see such as the waterfront with the legislature building, Royal BC Museum and totem poles. There are often lots of gigs to see and there are annual music festivals Rifflandia and Ska Fest. If you are a fan of beer then you will like the local breweries such as Philips, Vancouver Island Brewery and others. Victoria is also surrounded by the ocean, has many areas for hikes and parks. There is even a castle called Craigdarroch Castle which tourists love.

Getting to Victoria:

You can fly into Victoria airport YYJ or take the ferry over from the Tsawwassen terminal on the mainland. The ferry terminal and the airport are both quite a ways out of town. There is transport links like shuttle buses and public transit buses to bring you into Victoria city centre if you don't want to take a cab. If you are travelling from Washington State you can take a ferry from Seattle to downtown Victoria or a ferry from Port Angeles that takes you to downtown as well. You can also catch a seaplane with Harbour Air to Victoria from the mainland.

How vegan-friendly is it?

Victoria is quite vegan-friendly, especially for a smaller city. According to Happy Cow there is 5 fully vegan places to eat in Victoria as well as 3 vegetarian places. That is not to mention all of the places in the city that have vegan options.

An Example of Vegan Food Available:

Be Love: This is an upmarket vegetarian place that has some excellent quality and delicious dinners. Most of their food is vegan. We have never been disappointed with our food there as it always has tons of flavour. Plus the food is healthy so you feel good eating it.

Very Good Butchers: This place is brand new and we love it. Despite what the somewhat confusing name might suggest, they are completely vegan. They are like a deli cafe that makes all kinds of fantastic sandwiches, burgers and salads. The make vegan meat and sausages for you to purchase as well. You can eat there or buy stuff to cook at home.

Noodle Box: This is one of our favourite chains. We like their great vegan options like the peanut sauce and the spicy black bean sauce noodle boxes. You can get them with rice or rice noodles. Ask for them to be made vegan. For an extra charge, there is tofu. The noodle boxes are huge so one could probably feed two people depending on how hungry you are.

Tacofino: This is a place with great tasting tacos. Their vegan burrito is not on the menu but if you ask nicely then they will make one for you. They also have various hot sauces to add. You can eat in or take away.

Famoso: If you like Italian style pizza, than Famoso is a must! They have vegan cheese and you can alter many of their pizzas to get what you want. They also have lunch specials and pasta.

Green Cuisine: This is the oldest vegan restaurant in the Victoria area. It has been around for longer than I can remember. It is a buffet style system, but you pay by weight. They have different soups, salads, pasta, potato dishes, tofu dishes, sushi, delicious desserts, you name it - they have probably had it in the buffet at some point. We always stop by when we are in the city, either for lunch, or just to get a yummy cake.

Panago Pizza: Panago is a big pizza chain in BC and they have fantastic pizza. We both used to like Panago before we went vegan but now that we are vegan we love that they have vegan pizzas with Daiya Cheese and they have vegan pepperoni as well. Our current favourite is the Vegan Canadian pizza with banana peppers, vegan pepperoni and vegan cheese. Also, they do not skimp out on the cheese and they don't charge extra for vegan cheese.

Mole: The locals in Victoria love to have their Sunday brunch. Mole is a non-vegan cafe providing many vegan options. They claim that almost everything can be made vegan upon request. They also have 'build your own' breakfast options. If you love tofu scramble, add Mole to your list of places to go. Shine Cafe (Another brunch place), also have a vegan breakfast available.

Little Thai Place: This is one of our favourite spots for a quick meal at a reasonable price. They have lots of Thai curries, pad thai and other choices for vegans there. The portions are pretty huge and the atmosphere there is relaxed. The food always tastes great there and we've returned many times. A lot of other Thai places in Victoria seem to put fish sauce in their dishes without an option to make the dish vegan. That's another reason we like Little Thai Place.

Fern Cafe and Bakery: Everything we tried was excellent on our first visit here. We had the pepperoni panini, the cheeseburger mac and cheese, and a selection of desserts. We will definitely be visiting again when we go back to Victoria and would highly recommend that you stop by this place if you are ever in the neighbourhood.

For more vegan options check out Happy Cow which has a comprehensive list of vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly places to eat.

Getting Around:

Bus: The bus system is very good in Victoria with buses going down almost every street. With Victoria being on the smaller side, you can get pretty much anywhere in under a half an hour. It's $5 for a day pass or $2.50 for one journey. You can either use exact change or you can go to a 711 or Shoppers Drug Mart and buy a book of 10 tickets. The book of tickets works out to be a little cheaper.

Walk: With Victoria being a small city, you can hit up almost all the tourist destinations on foot. Some of the tourist destinations are a little bit out of the city centre, so you may want to bus to Butchart Gardens or Fisherman's Wharf.

Sight Seeing:

Where to stay:

We stayed at Hotel Zed. This is a funky retro style motel with a diner. They are on the cheaper side, but not located in the city centre. They do provide a free shuttle to the china town though, and you can call for a pick up. (They have specific hours in which they run this service) You can also take their bicycles for a spin for free.

Check out Victoria's City Guide for more information on their tourism.


  1. As a vegetarian, really appreciate this post - always helpful.

  2. Victoria Alicia5 August 2017 at 06:18

    My brother is a vegan and I would sure be sharing this with him whenever he goes to Canada! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for getting something useful out of our post. I hope your brother gets to Canada, and has a lovely time!

  3. You missed my favourite Victoria restaurant! Lotus Pond! They're my #1 reason for heading over to Victoria.

    1. Lotus Pond is on the video we published with this post! We go there every time we are in Victoria.


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