ULTIMATE Packing List for a THREE Month Road Trip

Now that our road trip was planned we had a lot of other things to do!

Before heading out on our road trip Across Canada, we had to think of what to bring and get all of our supplies ready. We didn't want to forget anything and while we were trying to keep our supplies down to the minimum it seems like we haven't forgot anything. Look at our lists and get some ideas for yourself when planning a long road trip.

Road Trip Supplies:
Windshield Wiper Fluid
CAA/AAA Insurance

Road Atlas
Phones/Phone Plan
Chargers/USB Charger that plugs into cigarette lighter
Netbook Laptop

Storage units: 
2 Cooler Bags
2 Backpacks
1 Foldable Duffel Bag
1 Hard Plastic Cooler
1 Large Storage Tub
2 Small Plastic Storage Tubs
Car Top Carrier Bag

Personal Items:
2 Hats
Toiletries and Feminine Products
2 Towels
2 Weeks Worth of Clothes including: long jeans, shorts, bathing suits, shirts, socks, underwear
2 Jackets
2 Novels

Camping Supplies:
Butane Stove and Butane
Air pump
2 Single Air Mattresses
Extra Blanket
Foldable Blanket/Pillow
2 Sleeping Bags
4 Pillows
Neck Pillow
1 Foldable Bucket
1 Hard Bucket
1 Bug Net Hat
2 Pairs Sandals/Flip Flops
Water Bottle
Large Water Jug
Cutlery, Plates, Bowls, Cutting Board,
2 Pots
Wooden Spoon
2 Camp Chairs
Plastic Plarn Mat

That's everything that we brought on our road trip. We could have brought more but it would have been difficult to fit it all in the truck. This gives you an idea on some of the stuff you might want to bring on a road trip where you are looking to do some camping along the way.

What would you bring on a long road trip?