Top Ten Highlights From Our Travels in Europe

A common question we are asked is what our favourite places were during our time travelling around Europe. We thought we'd make a post answering that and showing all our favourite places. Hopefully this inspires other people to travel Europe too.

Prague, Czech Republic: We went to Prague with a couple friends of ours and we all had a great time there. We enjoyed all the food and how many vegan friendly places we were able to find. We loved how clean the city was, how reasonably priced everything was and enjoyed walking around seeing all the amazing looking buildings. Charles Bridge is such a cool bridge. The old part of the city is amazing and we were glad to have a hostel in that area.

Scandinavian Cruise: This was different than the other cruises we've been on because it was not a warm weather cruise. We still had a lot of fun and got to see a lot of countries that we had never seen before. These are some really expensive countries to visit so we probably saved money by doing a cruise. The cruise was also an excellent opportunity to see a bunch of small towns we might have never made it to otherwise. It was an experience we will not forget.

VEGFEST in Bristol, England: This vegfest really earns the name of a festival since it is outdoors and has live music. It runs a lot later than the other vegan festivals too. We really enjoyed both of the times we went to Bristol for this Vegfest. Bristol is quite the interesting city to see as well with tons of cool sights like the suspension bridge and Banksy street art!

Berlin, Germany: There was never a cheap time to go to Berlin but we went anyway because we HAD to go to Berlin. We will never forget how vegan friendly this place is with tons of vegan food everywhere you go. We liked seeing all the cold war relics in East Berlin, the different memorials, the East Side Gallery, the Tower, the parks and walking around the different neighbourhoods. What a great place to be in the summer.

London, England: Being so close to Birmingham we would often take the 2 hour train to London since there is always something going on there. There is so many incredible places in London. Depending on where you are, it's not the most beautiful city but everywhere looks so distinctively like London. There is iconic sights everywhere and tons to do whatever your taste is. We liked all the vegan friendly places, the markets, the tourist attractions, the shows, and the free museums.

Backpacking Central Europe:  Backpacking can be the best option when travelling around Europe on a budget. We were lucky enough to get cheap flights and a couple friends that were willing to put up with  us staying with them and showing us around. We had such a fun time going from Salzburg on a roundabout route to Zagreb. It all went pretty smoothly and we saw so many breathtakingly beautiful places. It will be hard to forget this trip and it was so much fun that we wish we could have extended it longer.

Scotland Road Trip: This road trip really felt epic since we covered so much ground and the scenery itself was amazing. People thought we were a little crazy doing this road trip in the winter but it really turned out great. The weather was not too bad at all and we managed to make it all work with the daylight we had. Scotland has such a variety of landscapes to see and we couldn't recommend a Scotland road trip more highly. In fact, this was our second Scotland road trip.

Madrid, Spain: We felt lucky to have got great advice on travelling from Alternative Travellers which we met on instagram. We got to meet up with them as well which was a lot of fun. Connecting with other travellers is a great way to go. We loved learning about the way things work in Spain and eating at all the vegan friendly places. Madrid was a fun city to just wander around and had a massive park too. The only thing we regret about Madrid is not going there sooner.

Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland: What a chaotic time to visit Edinburgh. There is people all over the place and everyone is in party mode. There is tons to see and do with shows going on all day, everyday. You cannot walk down the street without being handed a flier for a show of some sort. We saw a few shows, hung out with friends, and we went to Arthur's Seat. We've been to Edinburgh a few times and we will no doubt return as we love it there.

Mediterranean Cruise: Our first big trip while over in Europe was also one of the most memorable trips we've gone on in our lives. Getting to see a bunch of cities in the Mediterranean all in a short amount of time was an incredible start to our time in Europe. We don't know if we would have ever made it to Monaco if we didn't do this cruise. Plus this cruise was great for relaxing by the pool as the weather was amazing.


Living in Birmingham for two years: We really had a great time living in Birmingham. The people we met there were such great people. There was always something going on whether it was meetups, shows, festivals or nights out. Birmingham was fun to explore and walk around. One of the things we are looking forward to in the future is returning to Birmingham to see how much it has changed since there was always so much construction everywhere.

There you have it. These are the Highlights from our travels in Europe. We had a lot of great  experiences and our time in Europe is something that we will never forget.

Where was your favourite place you visited in Europe?