Feeling Stoked in Revelstoke BC

Travel Diary

We made it to our next major town on our Canadian road trip, the town of Revelstoke. We made sure to stop by the visitors' centre on the way in. There are tons of hikes to do in the area and a hydroelectric dam to see if you have time.
We were looking for wifi to figure out where our next campsite was.
We were in Bear country so you have to make sure to be smart when it comes to camping and leaving food out.
We took a little walk around the town. There was a farmers market and a car show going on that day.
 The surroundings in Revelstoke are pretty scenic with the mountains all around.
We saw a stall that had some vegan mountain bites.
The car show was cool too. They all all kinds of old cars and we got a ballot to vote for our favourite car.

There were signs showing how the town looked in the past.
After our time in Revelstoke we hit the road again and stopped at the scenic viewing spots on the way to our camp site.

Got to make sure we get Wanderlust Jimmy in some shots.
There were a few rest areas to stop at on the side of the highway that we stopped at to take some pictures.

We were glad that we decided to go this route through Revelstoke as it was a cool town and the scenery around it is amazing. It made for some interesting drives too.
Finally, we made it to our camp ground the Noah's Ark RV park and ate some of the delicious Jamaican stew that we made and froze before beginning the trip. 


  1. Those small towns always have a lot more going on than you'd expect. I hadn't heard of Revelstoke before. Are there any towns you visited in BC that you'd recommend? My boyfriend and I are going on a month (or longer) long road trip across BC and to the Yukon beginning this week and are always open to suggestions.

    1. Kamloops is pretty cool if you like hiking. Osoyoos is great for a beach getaway. If you like hiking and beautiful scenery I recommend going over to Vancouver Island.


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