The Sun has Peaked Through the Clouds

If you missed last month's update, find it here: "Setting Our Watches Back to Island Time"

This month the sun was trying to shine, and we tired to make the most of it. When one of us wasn't working, we were out exploring Victoria bringing back old memories.

In cased you missed it, we participated in a 30 day Instagram challenge for the month of April. You can see all the photos we shared by reading our post here: '30 Day Instagram Challenge'

Our cousins moved back into their old house, so we went over for a tour. We had seen pictures before, but it is never the same. We took the SUV for a spin and to show off our new baby.

We are still continuing on our runs, but they are becoming more spread out. We have been very busy while we have been in Victoria. We have been walking a lot though, so we don't feel like we aren't getting any exercise.

Although, we had a bit of a cheat day and ordered some pizza from Panago. They have a Vegan Pepperoni with Daiya cheeze! (For Canada's 150 you can also get the Vegan Canadian pizza. You can also make all the vegetarian pizzas vegan.) Overall Panago is becoming a very vegan friendly company.

We took a walk into downtown and went to Lotus Pond for bite to eat. Lotus Pond is a 100% vegan Chinese buffet. They do not use garlic or onion in any of their food.

 We also walked around collecting footage of this beautiful city.  We will be writing an Ultimate Guide to Victoria, BC. There is so much about this city that we love.

The first Sunday of the month we met up with some of our friends. First we went to Mole for some brunch. It was our first time there, and we really enjoyed what we ordered. Their menu says that (Almost) Everything can be made Vegan upon request.

 Afterwards we met up with another friend, grabbed some vegan chocolate and found a patio for a drink. It was such a lovely day, that we had to sit out in the sun.

 One we were done enjoying the sun and our Rum Punch. Upon leaving, one of us decided to fall into a hole. Don't worry he's alright, it was quite hilarious though. Wish we caught that on camera. We said farewell and headed to another friends place.

We got to meet their kitty cat.. He's a big boy, and very adorable. We then went to Irish Times to sit on the patio and enjoy some nice cold beers. We also ordered their Garden Burger, VEGANISED. We had to ask them to remove the Mayo and we had them on Ciabatta buns as the regular buns have egg in them. They were quite tasty (But that could have been the beer talking)

Elections finally finished and oddly enough so did our house sitting gig. (Elections and house sitting lined up perfectly for us)

We made our way back to Nanaimo in our new SUV. We did some stops along the way, as we like to play tourist. It drove lovely and we are super excited for our plans with it.

Here's our plans for our SUV:
We went and got an oil change and a tune up. They said they can't make any promises, but think it will live long enough for our trip. That is all we can hope for at this point. They said even if we sunk $1000 into it, it will still be an old vehicle at the end of the day. So we are just going to drive until it wont drive any further.

This month our vegan guide is for Glasgow. We keep seeing people asking about vegan food suggestions on facebook groups about Glasgow, so we figured a post was in order.  (Remember we share a new Vegan Guide the second Sunday of every month). Next month is Edinburgh. Check back June 11th .

For Canadian Mother's day, we went to Baby Salsa for dinner. We had them make the nachos vegan (Remove meat, add Guacamole and Dayia cheeze) to share and we had veggie tacos. The tacos are already vegan.

We spent a lot of time gathering materials for our SUV plans, and started making some progress.

We made curtains for the SUV! Thinking of making your own? See our DIY curtains for ideas.

For our travel tips this month we shared our secrets on moving abroad. '3 big tips on how to move abroad' (Remember to check back the third Sunday of every month for more travel tips from us.) Next month on June 18th, we will give you House and Pet Sitting 101.

We read online that the Indian Restaurant called Tandoori Junction  had a few curries that were vegan or easily veganised. We went with a friend and got the Chana Masala and the Aloo Gobi.

After the May long weekend we saw the cat acting different. Then he slyly ran into the bushes. We caught a glimpse of something hanging from his mouth and ran out the house. We found him in the bushes with a bird. We managed to scare the cat away and capture the bird. He wasn't moving, his feathers looked broken and his leg was stretched straight out. We called the SPCA, and they told us to call Island Vet. We called and they asked us to bring the bird in. Apparently cats pass on a lot of bacteria to birds. We brought him in and they said the birds leg was punctured but for the most part he looked like he would be okay after some rest.

We went for another walk around Neck Point with the family. It was a lovely walk and such a beautiful day for it.

We are loving the response from our Spotlight Series for Birmingham. We published our third post. 'Spotlight' is our newest series that we post the fourth Sunday of every month. This month, we are talking about the 'VEGAN DELIGHTS OF BIRMINGHAM'! Check back June 25th for our last post on Pros and Cons of Birmingham.

We also stopped by Northfield Park off of the Parkway and got a lovely photo with Mount Benson.

We were also nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by three different travel bloggers. We answered all their questions and nominated a few other travel bloggers that we find inspiring. See our post here: 'We Received the Sunshine Blogger Award!'

We left Vancouver Island and started our adventure across Canada.

Stay tuned for next month and follow us on our "Great Canadian Road Trip!" We will be posting all our updates here on the trip.


  1. I see you had an encounter with Indian dishes. I hope they were not too spicy :D

    1. We love Indian dishes! Sometimes they are not spicy enough!

  2. Those meals look incredible. So does that rum punch drink. :)

  3. That looks like a great weekend. I especially love the rum punch. Could use one of those right now!

  4. The food in this post looks so good! I always think about becoming a vegan but travelling Central America its so hard. Being a vegetarian isn't too bad here though. Looks like Canada is a great place to be a vegan!

    1. Canadian cities are pretty good. The UK is amazing for vegans, actually most of Europe is. We haven't been to Central America, so I am not sure the opens. We don't mind making our own dishes though. :)

  5. Congrats on your nomination, good job! Honestly, those vegan dishes were not what I expected them to look like, they’re so tempting.

  6. I would love to try some of that rum punch, it looks so refreshing! I bet rum had something to do with the falling.. ha ha! Pizzas and nachos are always good!

    1. Haha, most likely a factor. It was a pretty good day.

  7. I love following your vegan guide. I will bookmark this one for the time when I will visit Glasgow. I am a vegetarian and one of the top things for me is to find the right food outlets when I visit anywhere.

    1. Thanks, hope you make it to Glasgow! We are always on the look out for amazing food!

  8. Your vegan food adventures always look exciting and delicious. I have not tried eating a vegan chocolate yet. I am not sure if Indian foods can be considered vegan because they use a lot of butter.

    The cat is one mischievous fella. It was good that you were to get the bird away from the cat. I am glad that it is okay.

    I just followed you on Instagram.

    1. Thanks for the follow. Yeah, the bird was okay which was lucky. That cat is always up to no good. We are always looking for delicious food. Those Indian dishes did not have butter in them. :)

  9. Victoria, BC is such a beautiful city. Being from Vancouver, I try to head over to the island at least once a year. I have yet to try out some of these Vegan restaurants as they were closed, but am dying to try. So many good options now, which is wonderful.

    1. Oh we hope you get to try some of the vegan places in Victoria. New ones are always opening up too, which is great!


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