First Leg: Vancouver to Merritt BC

Travel Diary

Since returning to Vancouver Island from the UK, we had been biding our time on the island waiting for the rest of Canada to thaw out so we could travel across it. It took lots of planning to figure out how to set up the GMC Jimmy for sleeping in and camping.

We started calling our vehicle Wanderlust Jimmy. We got everything loaded up and our Parks Canada Discovery Pass and then we hit the road. We took the ferry over to the mainland and stayed at Grandma's house. 

There was a deal on the ferry for the first sailing at 5:15am and the last sailing at 10:45pm so we took the last sailing and then hit the road in the morning.

We easily navigated thanks to the GPS.
Our plan was to make it to Kamloops and camp somewhere in the area.
We had a late start. We slept in a lot later than we expected so we decided to change our plans a bit.
Using the app RV Parky we found a good camp spot in Merrit that was a good distance away and had lots of amenities to ease us in to our trip.
The rain clouds rolled in and we were in some heavy rain. We didn't get any pictures of it when it was really bad. We had our windshield wipers going as fast as possible and there was still a lot of water on the windows. 

We stopped in Hope for a picture.

Soon enough everything was dry and we were in Merritt BC which is the Country music capital of Canada. There were murals everywhere of country music stars and some of the buildings looked like they were from the old west.

We got all settled at our camp site which was not far from the town. We walked around the little town looking at the buildings. We don't know that much about country music but we were surprised about how many names of country music stars we recognised. Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, etc etc.

There was signs with hand prints from the Dixie Chicks and many others.
Canada is celebrating it's 150th birthday. So far there has been Canada 150 signs in all the places we've passed.
We found a piano outside and noodled around a bit. There was virtually no one around. It did feel  a bit like the wild west.

Look it's Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood and the signature of Billy Ray Cyrus. Billy Ray Cyrus is probably best known for being Miley Cyrus's dad. ;P
After wandering around town we got everything ready back at the camp site, ate some dinner and went to sleep. We had cooked a ton of  Jamaican stew and froze it before leaving. We had it in a cooler so we just had to cook a bit at a time. It's a pretty easy way to go for meals when camping.
In the evening we watched King of Queens Season two in the common area. 

The next morning we packed up camp and hit the road. We headed North East towards Kamloops and beyond! 


  1. Ahhh look at those beautiful views!! I've never been to Canada but it's absolutely on my list!

  2. Beautiful pictures! waiting for the second leg!

  3. Sounds like a great first day on your adventure. We just got back from Nashville, so the murals of the country singers seem so random!

  4. The trip you just did is like my dream trip. Alas, we don't live somewhere where we can just drive like this and breathe in stunning views. Hope we did..

  5. I took greyhound Vancouver to bC but did the same trip back on car. Miss that trip.. Road trips are always fun and seems you both had a great time. Keep exploring :)

  6. It's been a dream of mine to travel across Canada, and I love that you're doing it! This is the perfect year for it with the 150 celebrations and free park passes

    1. We had a great trip! We highly recommend a road trip across Canada. Give yourself at least 2 months!

  7. Those are some stunning views, especially of the road trip. I loved the cloud cover that you have captured through the mirror. Definitely seems like a road trip that I must try out.

    1. British Columbia is a beautiful place. Everyone needs to see it at least once.


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