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Thinking back on our time in Birmingham it's easy to view it all nostalgically. Living in Birmingham was overall an excellent experience for us.  It wasn't all good and it wasn't all bad. It was like living anywhere. There were pros and cons and we decided to look at these and try to be even by looking at 5 of each. If you are looking to get a YMS visa like we did then maybe this will help you decide it Birmingham is the right place for you to live.

Lets start with the positive.


Great location in the UK:
     Birmingham is in the West Midlands which is in the middle of the United Kingdom. This makes it a convenient location to live in order to travel anywhere else in the UK. You can easily drive to places all over the UK from Birmingham. There are trains going all over the UK that you can take from Birmingham. New Street Station is a massive train station so trains are running all the time. You only have to travel about 2 hours by train to get to cities like Manchester

Kamloops: From the Hills to the River

Travel Diary
We continued on our road trip after packing up and leaving Merrit. The next place we made it to was Kamloops. We stopped by the visitors' centre on the way in to see what kind of stuff there is to see and do in Kamloops while we are passing through. The visitor's centre had a giant fish and some Tesla electric car charging stations.

We went for a little hike up one of the hills around Kamloops. It was Kenna Cartwright Park. We just wanted a better view of Kamloops. We passed a couple people on the trail but we did not end up walking all the way to the top. You could probably spend all day here. Apparently, there is a beautiful view at the top though. We just wanted to see a few things in Kamloops and then get back on the road.

We drove into the downtown area of Kamloops to walk around for a little bit. Victoria street is the main street downtown with all the businesses on it. We decided to cross this big pedestrian bridge over to the park near the river. We were w…

House and Pet Sitting 101

When you travel to a destination a large amount of your travel costs can come from accommodation. Staying in Hotels and BnB's can get very expensive really quick. There are ways around paying hotel prices such as hostels and couch surfing. These options might not be everyone's cup of tea. Another option to consider is house sitting. If you don't mind longer stays and can be flexible on your dates then house sitting may be for you!

People get house sitters because they either don't want their house to be left empty or they have some pets that need looking after while they are away. It could be a combination of the two reasons.This can be a win win situation where you get a place to stay and they get the peace of mind that their house and pets are being taken care of.

Unlike staying at a hotel, it's generally expected that you clean up after yourself and leave the place the same as when you arrived. When house sitting you typically make sure the mail is collected fro…

First Leg: Vancouver to Merritt BC

Travel Diary
Since returning to Vancouver Island from the UK, we had been biding our time on the island waiting for the rest of Canada to thaw out so we could travel across it. It took lots of planning to figure out how to set up the GMC Jimmy for sleeping in and camping.
We started calling our vehicle Wanderlust Jimmy. We got everything loaded up and our Parks Canada Discovery Pass and then we hit the road. We took the ferry over to the mainland and stayed at Grandma's house. 
There was a deal on the ferry for the first sailing at 5:15am and the last sailing at 10:45pm so we took the last sailing and then hit the road in the morning.

We easily navigated thanks to the GPS. Our plan was to make it to Kamloops and camp somewhere in the area. We had a late start. We slept in a lot later than we expected so we decided to change our plans a bit. Using the app RV Parky we found a good camp spot in Merrit that was a good distance away and had lots of amenities to ease us in to our trip. …