We enjoyed living in Birmingham for 2 years. Being from Canada it was great to be in the middle of England and able to travel to lots of different places all over the UK. We were always on the lookout for vegan food.

When we weren't travelling other places we were in our adopted home of Birmingham and enjoying the great vegan food options there. A lot of these places we tried with other members of the Birmingham Vegans group.

Since Birmingham often doesn't get as much attention as it should we wrote this post to show the vegan delights of Birmingham. Here's a rundown of the vegan food options, that way next time you are in Brum you'll know where to go. Right on!

100% Vegan:

Vegan GrindhouseIs a 100% vegan food truck that can be found in various locations around the city. Follow their Facebook to find out where they are next. If you like American style street food, you will love Vegan Grindhouse. Try their Original Grindhouse Burger or attempt the Death Proof II burger challenge. You can find them at the Twisted Barrel Brewery for Kitchen takeovers in Coventry (Which isn't in Birmingham, but they come to Birmingham often.)

Natural Bar & Kitchen: This restaurant is getting great reviews from Birmingham Vegans:
"It was brilliant to have an entire buffet to choose from knowing that everything was 100% vegan and not having to carefully pick out the vegan things as you would at a regular buffet. There is a serious temptation to try absolutely everything and pile more on your plate than you know you should! As well as the food there is also a selection of extremely high-quality loose leaf teas and kombuchas as shown below. I had the peppermint tea and it was delicious." - Birmingham Vegans. We haven't been here ourselves, but we wish we had.


Mr. Singh's PizzaOnly the BEST pizza we have ever had. Mr. Singhs is a vegetarian pizza place offering a wide range of vegan pizzas. They offer 'Vegan Pepperoni, Sausage, Meat Feast, Supreme, etc. as well as burgers, nuggets, and starters. Try their vegetarian supreme pizza with vegan cheese.

3 Three's Coffee LoungeThis is a vegetarian cafe that offers all different plant milks for your hot drinks. They also have an assortment of vegan sandwiches and cakes. They have sandwiches like the BLT, Club, Ploughmans, Falafel, Chicken Salad and they are all vegan. Try their red velvet cupcakes.

The Warehouse Cafe: This is a vegetarian restaurant that seems to change up its menu often which is great. They often have quite a few vegan options. Their burgers and potato wedges are definitely worth a try.

Jyoti Indian Vegetarian RestaurantBirmingham is known for its excellent Indian food and this is our personal favourite place to check out. The curry is great but all the deep fried fritters and sweets are what make this place the best. You can get a mixed platter of different fritters and it is worth. You will be stuffed. Get some sweets for the road as they have a big selection of Indian baked goods like you've never seen.

Veggie Chippy: This place is a no frills basic chippy like you would find all over the UK only all the items are vegetarian. They have a lot of vegan options. From what we gather it is a "pure vegetarian" place meaning that they don't use eggs so the only non-vegan stuff is the stuff with dairy in it. Are you a vegan that wants greasy food? You got it!

(Unique to Birmingham)

Cherry Reds CafeIt has vegan breakfast, burgers, sandwiches, and wraps, all at reasonable prices. They also have a wide range of vegan drinks, from coffee with soya milk to vegan beer and cider. Try their jacket potatoes (baked potatoes) that you can fill with various vegan toppings.

Bodega Bar & Cantina: This place specializes in South American and Mexican cuisine. They conveniently have a vegan menu which you can ask for and it makes ordering a lot easier. The food tastes great and the restaurant is very colourful and a lot of fun. 

Cafe Soya: Is a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant that has a large vegetarian menu, that can mostly be made vegan. Try their Malaysian Rendang curry with mock chicken or lamb.

Damascena: This is a coffee shop with Syrian/Middle Eastern food and there are a ton of vegan options. There are plates with falafel, flatbread, hummus, salad, pickled veggies, olives and also some vegan desserts too. Everything has so much flavour and the coffee is great too. Make sure to try their avocado hummus and Damascena Fuul but make sure to specify that you want everything made vegan. They do it on request.

(Found Throughout England)

Handmade Burger Company: This is one of our favourite restaurant chains in the UK and there are 3 locations in Birmingham. You won't find them if you are only visiting London (unless you go out to Wembley) but they have 29 locations across the UK. They have the biggest selection of vegan burgers we've ever seen from a non-vegan restaurant. They have 4 vegan burgers and a falafel burger that can be made vegan without the raita. Their burgers have the Vegan Society seal of approval so you know they know, you know? They know! Right on!

Loungers: This is another chain with a bunch of locations all across the UK. They have a separate vegan menu with plenty to choose from. It is kind of a pub but kind of a cafe. You order at the bar. It's pretty casual and you might not think it was a chain if you've never heard of it.

Wagamamas: This is a huge chain in the UK that is absolutely everywhere and they have vegan options. The main vegan option being the yasai itame. There are 3 Wagamamas in Birmingham alone.  Unfortunately, they don't label the vegan options so you will have to ask your server. If you are unlucky enough to get a server that has never come across a vegan before they might bring out the awkwardly gigantic fail-safe allergy guide that shows what is vegan on the menu. You too can have people stare at your table as they wonder why you are ordering your food from a gigantic 3 ring binder. Rest assured your food will be vegan!

Wrap ChicThis is an Indian Burrito place. As you may have guessed, their burritos are filled with Indian curries rather than traditional Mexican fillings. There are two vegan options that they offer: the soya Amritsari and a potato curry burrito. These burritos had us coming back regularly to the point that they recognized us and our order.

Pizza Express: When we first arrived in the UK we went to a Pizza Express in Bournemouth and we assumed it was a small independent pizza place. It's hilarious how wrong we were as they seem to be on almost every corner. There is around 6 of them in Birmingham.  They have lots of great toppings and you can throw some chilli oil on there. They even have vegan cheese! Depending on how you feel about the controversial topping of pineapple you can add the pineapple chutney to it. Plus you can sign up for the Taste card which has a free trial and then get 2for1 pizzas! Woohoo!

Wetherspoons: Wetherspoons are everywhere and there is probably something like 16 of them in Birmingham if we have to guesstimate. I don't know if any vegans plan on going to Wetherspoons or just happen to be there with their friends that aren't vegan. Good on them for having vegan options. They are everywhere in the UK and Ireland so you are pretty much guaranteed on having at least one place in whatever town you are in that has a vegan meal.

The Stable: These guys are into pizza and cider which is an interesting combination. They have one location in Birmingham and a bunch across the UK. They aren't anywhere near as big as Pizza Express. Their pizza is pretty good and they have a couple different vegan options with vegan cheese. They use rice-based mozzarella for their vegan pizzas.

Pho: This is a Vietnamese place that has a vegan Pho and some spring rolls. There isn't much else that is vegan on the menu but they are solid choices that you will be happy with. There is a bunch of locations across the UK but just one location in Birmingham inside Grand Central.

Now you are more than prepared to eat vegan food in Birmingham. We are sure that there are many more non-vegan places in Birmingham that have vegan options or can make a dish vegan for you. These are our favourites. Do you have a favourite place for vegan food in Birmingham? Do you like to go to chain restaurants, independent restaurants or food carts?

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  1. While I don't see myself traveling to Birmingham anytime soon, these look absolutely amazing. Even if you only list two entirely vegan places, I think it's already great that so many places nowadays have vegan options or can veganize some of their dishes.

    1. The UK has really got their act together regarding vegan options. It was great!

  2. OMG! That's an amazing amount of vegan options, and it all looks so good.

  3. Omg, that's just amazing! I'm a vegan and that's so hard to find good alternatives! It looks so good!


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