Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse

We've visited Victoria many times and we lived in Victoria for 2 years yet we've never visited Fort Rodd Hill before. With our brand new 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass we decided to rectify this. We headed out there with my sister and brother in law.
We explored around and checked out all the big guns and fortifications.

The fort has a great view.

You could tell that it is a tourist attraction as there were quite a few french speakers exploring the park as well as tourists from outside of Canada.

I wouldn't want to transport this big gun.

The Fisgard Lighthouse is in the park as well. We had to get a selfie of course.

We went inside the fort where they store all the ammunition. It's not real ammo anymore though.
There were some museum parts talking about WWI and WWII.
This has to be one of the nicest places in the Victoria area.

You can even go inside the lighthouse which has display and games too.
There was cool models of ships in the lighthouse. A kid was playing a videogame in there where you navigate a ship into the harbour with the help of a lighthouse.

If you are headed to Victoria then check out Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse. Most tourists visit Burchart Gardens when coming to see Victoria but this is worth a visit as well.

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  1. Such a wonderfully written article.. will definitely take some cues from this. Thanks for sharing �� Keep up the good work.. Cheers

  2. Hi, Great post...looks like such a lovely place to go and spend an afternoon! I have a question.. You said that you used your Parks Canada Discovery Pass to get into the park. Could you please tell me what this Pass is and how does one get it....or if its only for much would it cost to enter the park? Thanks so much. Keep up the wonderful work!


      Usually you pay a yearly fee for the parks pass and it gets you into parks you would normally have to pay for. So you end up saving money if you go to a few parks a year. This year because it is Canada's 150, they have made this years passes free. Head to this website and order yours. It is free to anyone.

  3. This place has some kind of magic that I cannot explain. Excellent post!


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