Back in the Old Stomping Grounds of Victoria BC

Travel Diary
Day 1-3:

Being back on Vancouver Island for a month already, we thought a trip to Victoria was in order. We got a ride with my aunt and stayed with my sister and her boyfriend.  

Day 1:
When we got to Victoria we sold some books and cds, then headed to Fort Rodd Hill. We were eager to use our free Parks Canada Discovery pass which gets you free entry into all the national parks and Fort Rodd Hill happens to be the closest one to us.
After a lovely day exploring Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse, we went to Be Love for dinner. Be Love used to be a upscale vegan restaurant, but they changed their menu to include honey and eggs. Now they are an upscale Vegetarian restaurant, also serving brunch. Be sure to read the descriptions on the menu to ensure you are ordering a vegan dish. We both ordered one of their bowls. 

After a lovely dinner we went back to my sister and her boyfriend's house and hung out chatting. We haven't seen each other in two years, so we had a bit of catching up to do.

Day 2: 
The next morning we wanted to explore the city, as it was super beautiful outside. We headed to the waterfront to see all the sail boats.
There is always lots of boats to see in the Victoria Harbour.
Victoria being the capital of British Columbia has the Parliament building or the Legislature. There are guided tours of the Legislature which are pretty interesting.
We walked around the James Bay area of Victoria which happens to be where Fisherman's Wharf, a major tourist attraction, is located. We had a great time watching the seals dance and exploring the cool homes built on the wharf.
The houses in James Bay are really interesting looking wooden houses and they are pretty big too.
One thing that makes Victoria beautiful in the spring is all the cherry blossoms all around town.
We took a stroll to Fisherman's Wharf to see all the house boats. Read more: Fisherman's Wharf
Walking back towards downtown we passed by the Empress Hotel which was undergoing some renovations. We are used to the building being almost completely green covered in ivy so we barely recognised it looking so naked.

Another change in Victoria since we were last there was the pride cross walks near city centre which is a nice gesture.
We were very hungry from all the walking so we made sure to stop by one of the vegan places we wanted to see the most which is the somewhat confusingly named Very Good Butchers. They are all vegan and they are a vegan deli that makes all kinds of vegan meats like sausages, pepperoni, roast beast, etc etc. You can also get sandwiches, burgers, mac and cheez, potato salad. You name it!
The food was great. We had heard mixed reviews which surprised us because all the food was excellent. We got the stromboli sandwich which was like a pizza sub and we got one of the burgers.
We are very pleased to have a place like this is Victoria and the Public Market is a perfect place for it. It such a nice building and the inside looks fantastic. 
That evening the four of us went to Trainspotting 2. They did well reminding you what happened in the first one, so no need to rewatch it before going to the movie.

After having a lot of fun in Victoria it was time to head home. We got a ride back to Nanaimo with my Aunt. She was kind enough to pick us up and drive us. We stopped in on my cousin to visit after we picked up some peanut sauce stirfry from noodle box. Always a great choice for hungry vegans.
Then to top off an already great trip we made a pit stop at the farmers market outside of Duncan which has excellent deals on produce. We like inexpensive good quality produce but it is too far to drive to on a regular basic.
That's it for our time in Victoria but if you like reading about our time there then you might enjoy reading about the time we went to Bristol UK. They are both cities on the smaller side with a lot of cool stuff to see and do.


  1. I have wanted to go to BC for a VERY LONG TIME - it's funny how I have been to so many countries, but I haven't been to the two closest to the US (where I am)... Canada and Mexico! lol

    1. That is funny but sometimes it's a better deal as far as flights are converned to go outside of North America. That's part of the reason we haven't seen more of Canada and the USA.


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